Agenda and minutes

Winchmore Hill Ward Forum - Tuesday, 9th January, 2018 7.30 pm

Venue: Orange Tree, 18 Highfield Rd, London N21 3HA

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Cllr. Ertan Hurer, Ashley Hull-Olowlabi, Ashley was unable to come because his wheelchair broke.  He has kindly agreed to speak at the next ward forum.




MAKING IT EASIER FOR EVERYONE TO GET AROUND: Dave Kent and Chad, Guide dogs for the blind, Community engagement officer.


  We can make it easier for people with limited or no vision by:

  Trimming overhanging plants; these can hit people, sometimes in the face.

  Putting rubbish bags and Christmas trees, where there is plenty of room - not by trees which makes the footway very narrow.

  Parking on forecourts so that all of the vehicle is within the boundary of the property.

  Keeping dogs under control and on leads when on the street.  Eight to 10 Guide dogs are maimed every month by other dogs.

  Asking local shops and businesses to keep street clutter to a minimum.  Cafe tables are good but complicated to move around.  A boards and other signage need to be kept close to the wall and grouped together.  Dave said that Enfield was quite good in this respect.

  Remember that Guide dogs are working dogs.  If you want to pet one, ask the owner first.

  Do come and chat if you see someone in the Guide Dogs blue uniform.

  Do visit

  In response to a question on Cycle Enfield, Dave said that Enfield had contacted Guide Dogs for the Blind and they are working with the council to offer their expertise.
Bicycles are difficult for blind people because they are silent; cycle lanes like ours that follow DoT guidance are needed to separate cyclists from pedestrians.

  In response to a question about having more sound signals at intersections, Dave said that this can be confusing where there ar several roads.  He said that the tactile information on pedestrian crossings is helpful.  This picture shows the tactile button on a controlled crossing which turns when it is safe to cross:





  There were 13 burglary offences in December 2017 which is an increase of 1 as compared to the previous month where there were 12.
There were 2 attempted burglaries, 8 residential burglaries, 2 non residential burglaries and 1 attempted non residential burglary.
Most burglaries take place in the area between Broadwalk and Green Lanes.
Break-ins through double glazing can be done quietly.

  Overall motor vehicle crime in December 2017 has decreased from 26 last month to 11 this month. 
There were 9 theft from motor vehicle offences and 2 theft of motor vehicle incidents reported.
Many of these cars were taken from driveways and had been left unlocked.

  • Use a steering wheel baton that reaches the windscreen
  • Keep keys to key-less cars in a metal tin or a Faraday type pouch so that it cannot be read from a distance.
  • If you would like anti-tamper screws to prevent your number plate being stolen, contact PCSO Antony Rivas: 0208 721 2681, or via email:
  • Other issues
    There have been reports of drug use in Lytton Avenue and Moor Park House.  Security doors are being fitted at the latter.

  Antony will find out if there is a wildlife crime officer locally.

  Police drop in surgeries:

  08/01/2018 - 11:00-12:00 - Grovelands Park Cafe

  17/01/2018 - 13:00-14:00 - Hopper and Bean, 4 The Green, N21

  25/01/2018 - 11:00-12:00 - Grovelands Park Café

  03/02/2018 - 08:50 - Park Run Grovelands Park (run with a copper)

  06/02/2018 - 11:00-12:00 bike boutique, 57 Station Rd, N21

  15/02/2018 - 11:00-12:00 Grovelands Park Café

  23/02/2018 - 11:00-12:00 Hopper and Bean, 4 The Green, N21

  03/03/2018 - 08:50 - Grovelands park run (run with a copper)

For information and to receive regular updates visit:


FIRS FARM- COMMUNITY CAFÉ and an update from Friends of Firs Farm


Firs Farm playing field have been transformed in the last couple of years, from a muddy playing field to a beautiful green space.

           New features:

            Friends have raised £36,000 for all this work so far and many local businesses are helping by donating materials.  They still need more.

They plan to thank everyone who has contributed by fixing ‘Thank you’ plaques in the wetlands.

            There is now a mile long circuit for walking / jogging / cycling.  This is DDA compliant (Disability Discrimination Acts 1995 and 2005).

            A new picnic bench has been installed by the new path.  This will have disabled access.

            5000 purple crocus corms, kindly donated by the Edmonton Rotary Club as part of their ongoing “End Polio Now” campaign were recently planted by pupils from Palmers Green High and Winchmore Schools.

            The Friends want Firs Farm to be inclusive.  Details of their plans for this are attached and you can read about them online:

The aim is to have a Café that will be part of a Community hub including a “Changing Places Toilet” and more sports with improved access, education and recreation for ALL.

            It will also include an Autism area for people with autism and their parents as well as those who want to lean more.

Friends have set up a Just Giving page: and there is a Charity box in Hunters newsagents.WHRA Jan 2018

           Next PUBLIC meeting 18th January, Winchmore School, Laburnum Grove entrance N21 7.30 pm start.

           Community Festival this year in Firs Farm takes place 14th July 2018 – Volunteers & sponsors needed




  Traffic should be using the primary network of roads and Quieter neighbourhoods scheme (QNs) aims to encourage it to do that and not use residential roads.  In time, all parts of Enfield will be offered schemes like this.

  The Fernleigh QN and much of the Fox Lane QN are in Winchmore Hill ward.

  Residents give their thoughts on their roads through a perception survey and this, together with traffic management expertise is used to develop some alternative proposals.  In Fernleigh and Fox Lane QNs, previous information gathered through workshops has also been available. 

  The consultations are now closed for these QNs although there must still be a statutory consultation for the Fernleigh QN because the different options available in Fernleigh Road and Woodberry Avenue prevented this being done at the same time as the perception survey.

  Data are still being analysed.  80% of the responses received have been from residents living in the QNs, the remaining 20% lived just outside.  The reports will be published on the Council web site.

  It is hoped to implement whatever is decided by the spring.

  Issues raised by residents and not included above:

  If a road does not want traffic calming but most others do, residents will be informed so that they can say if this affects their decision.

  Additional calming measures have been proposed in Hoppers Road and the effect of being in a 20mph zone should make this more effective than the current measures.

  Speed cameras are very expensive and need to be positioned in specific places to be effective.

  Access / delivery only signs cannot be enforced.  Cameras cannot be used to do this.

  The council has no objection to flashing signs showing when motorists are speeding.  However they are very expensive.

  The diversion signs to allow work on the Bourne Hill, Hedge Lane junction are causing problems in some residential roads especially Woodberry Avenue. 
The diversions were changed as a result of this. DB

  Blue discs displayed on bus stops in Green Lanes indicate that cyclists do not have the right of way.

  Signs are designed to be effective for those who need to see them and not to distract with clutter.

  Pollution levels on Green Lanes continue to be monitored.  Walking and cycling do not use pollution.

  The number of pedestrian crossings has increased (nearly doubled).

  Inconsiderate / dangerous driving is an offence and a matter of the driver’s behaviour.

  Cycling courses are available for children and all Enfield schools can access free cycle training for their children.

  Many pedestrians find the lights at Sainsbury’s difficult to use even though the refuge is larger so two stage crossing is easier and the traffic lights make the flow of traffic more predictable.  Suggestions made to improve it:

  The left hand filter light coming north is difficult to read - you think you are safe when you aren’t.  Changing this  ...  view the full minutes text for item 16.




  What is being done about the mess around the pumping station near the junction of Green Lanes and Carpenters Gardens.
As noted in our September forum, this is not council land, it belongs to Thames Water so the council cannot take action to clean up the mess.  The council is working hard to get Thames Water to clean it up.

  Will the council waive the street closure cost for  Big Lunch Street parties this year as it did in 2017?  (Closing streets is expensive and officers are looking at if and how we can afford to make this free on the Big Lunch day.  We are keen to encourage events like this and play streets because of the considerable public health benefits they bring.  DB)



Handouts were available on the following topics:

  Dog fouling poster

  Rough sleepers in Enfield: - poster

  Patient involvement opportunities from Enfield CCG

  Information about Smart meters, provided by the over 50s’ forum

  Handyperson service provided by Independence and Well Being Enfield Ltd., a Local Authority Trading Company providing adult social care services for people in Enfield, provided by teh Over 50’s forum

  Firs Farm Community cafe update





7.30 - 9.30pm, 7 March 2018 at Friends Meeting House, 59 Church Hill, N21 1LE


Please contact councillors about any issues we should include.
Contact details:
Dinah Barry       

Elaine Hayward

Ertan Hurer