Agenda and draft minutes

Winchmore Hill Ward Forum - Friday, 2nd November, 2018 7.30 pm

Venue: Winchmore Hill Quakers (Friends Meeting House) , 59 Church Hill, London N21 1LE

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Welcome & Introductions






Police Update


UPDATE FROM POLICE: PS Matthew Bloomfield and PCSO Antony Rivas

Winchmore Hill ward is consistently one of the lowest crime areas in Enfield.

This is due to residents care and good policing.

The police are stretched at present due to cutbacks in their funding but do

increase patrols during the long nights and use predict mapping to target these


Report – summary




Key points to note:


Anticipate an increase in the weeks leading to Christmas because of the extra

hours of darkness.

Motor vehicle crime

Most theft of vehicles takes place at night.

Reporting Crime

The most effective way to report crime is to do so online: https://

101 is slower and goes to the same place.


- Set house lights on timers

- Use a dusk to dawn light outside

- Laminate double glazing from eh inside to prevent burglars breaking the glass.

- Use an old-fashioned steering wheel lock in your car

- Use a Faraday pouch for your keys if you have a keyless car.

- Follow police advice on Twitter:

- If you would like a crime prevention survey, contact Antony, email:



From Save the Intimate Theatre

Warren McWilliams



Built as St. Monica's Church Hall in 1931 it became a full time professional

playhouse in 1935 under the guidance of the actor John Clements. Theatregoers

flocked to the theatre from all over London and in the late 1940s the playhouse

achieved further fame when the BBC televised 14 plays ‘live' from the Intimate.

Many well-known people have appeared there including Richard Attenborough,

Roger Moore, June Whitfield, Nicholas Parsons, Arthur Lowe, David Bowie,

Patricia Hayes, Penelope Keith, Richard Todd, Noele Gordon, Tony Blackburn,

Anthony Hopkins, Kenneth Williams, Tyrone Power, Bob Hoskins, Charlie

Chester, Stephen Fry, Cleo Laine, Jessie Matthews and June Bronhill.

Currently it is used by six amateur dramatic group and scouts.

The theatre is now in a state of disrepair and faces demolition and it is expected

to be 10 years before a theatre can reopen on the site.

The parish is expected to apply for planning permission before Christmas to build

a parish centre and six, two bed flats for retired priests on the site.

The theatre is already on the Local Heritage list of non-designated assets so its

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conservation as a heritage asset will be a material consideration when deciding

planning permission although it does not prevent an application being granted.

The Save the Intimate Theatre group have therefore applied for it to be

designated as an Asset of Community Value which could provide some


You can read more about this at:

Cllr. Maria Alexandrou provided a document about the planning process and

commenting on applications.


Better Streets For Enfield presentation

Clare Rogers



Clare gave a presentation which covered:

- How our neighbourhoods have changed in the last 30/40years as car use has


Parents don’t let their children play outdoors – meaning less exercise,

independence and making friends in the neighbourhood

Not many choose to walk or cycle locally, feeling safer inside a car –

meaning less physical activity and more danger for everyone

Little time spent out on the street means no sense of community between

neighbours – isolating more vulnerable people like the elderly

Air pollution can be dangerously high – increasing disease and shortening


Traffic noise is also harmful to health – linked to stress, sleep disturbance,

hypertension and heart disease.

- The Quieter Neighbourhood scheme.

(DB confirmed that:

the current Fox Lane area map is inaccurate; officers are working on an accurate map which

will show planters at the junctions of Grovelands and Lakeside Roads with Fox Lane. You

can see the revised map at:


the original consultations asked of residents would like an enforceable 20mph zone which

would require signage and humps, or a series of measures such as planters which traffic

engineers believe will slow traffic to 20mph

these schemes will be monitored and additional measures added if necessary.

The following additional information has since been provided by officers:

Cranley Gardens is due to have planters installed at both ends of the road, however, they

are not being placed right at the junction, they are being placed at the end of the double

yellow lines in the road. Any Vehicle entering the road will need to give way to one exiting

the road but we do not expect this to be a big issue as traffic levels are relatively low. As

the planters are not fixed in place we are able to make adjustments to their position if

needed during the monitoring period.

We have not set specific targets for traffic reduction but our baseline figures are from the

O&D (origin and destination) survey that was carried out in June 2015 using video

cameras. I believe (your residents) maybe referring to a speed survey carried out in July

last year in Lakeside Road, and whilst it was incomplete it still provided us with six days

of data (not the usual seven).)

A summary of all the traffic data will be going on the website in table form in the next few

days (information provided 18 Nov 18) so that residents can see the overall figures and

we will update it as we monitor it further in the coming months. New speed surveys are

being carried out this week and next on all roads in the area as well and this information

will be added as soon as we receive the results.

- Low Traffic Neighbourhoods.

You can read more about Low Traffic Neighbourhoods at: http://

and about Better Streets at: and about the presentation

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given at:


Winchmore Hill Retail Check Survey



For a copy, email:





• Enfield Dispatches - sign up for this new local paper at: https://

• Gritting:

The council’s policy is given on the web site:


The gradient and density of use of roads is taken into account when determining

the priority for gritting priority 2 roads.

Emergency vehicle drivers will respond in accordance with their training and the

appreciation for the conditions being presented to them at the time of the

emergency. During the winter months of November to April each year Enfield

operates a winter service receiving daily forecasts which decision makers will

assess and instruct a decision to grit or not. On every grit over 30% of the entire

carriageway network in Enfield is treated and in total Enfield’s priority network is

193km in length. If following snowfall the forecast is for further snow or freezing

temperatures the Council may consider treating the priority 2 network, subject to

the availability of resources inc, salt, plant, labour etc and ensuring that the

priority 1 network remains open.

When there has been considerable snowfall and this is then followed by

forecasted freezing temperatures for several days we do consider the placement

of self-help salt sacks across the borough at strategic and vulnerable locations

along with treating the Council’s Priority 2 carriageway network. This is

dependent on the long range weather forecasts and the availability of salt

supplies for keeping the Priority 1 carriageway network open for cross borough


The Highways Engineer has now added Seaforth Gardens to the list of sites

where self help sacks may be placed if there has been considerable snowfall

and this is then followed by forecasted freezing temperatures for several days.

This is dependent on the availability of salt supplies and keeping the Priority 1

carriageway network open for cross borough travel.

• Progress on the New River site next to Green Lanes

There has been delay during the hot dry summer due to the mature trees

awaiting planting. They were planted a week ago and our contractor was back

on site 05/11/18.

• Street cleaning (especially Fernleigh Road and Woodberry Avenue)

Woodberry Avenue and Fernleigh Road are both cleansed every Wednesday.

During the period of leaf fall, the regular team will litter pick them and a leaf

clearance team will remove the leaves. They were cleansed by the leafing team

on 3 October and will be cleared again this week.

• Replacing bins after emptying so that they do not block the footway

Our crews are currently undergoing refresher training, and bin returns have

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been added to the program.

Crews are required to return the bin to the point of collection, normally the

property boundary unless agreed otherwise. Where the bin is presented on the

pavement crews are advised to leave them as neat as possible without causing


• Slippery red paving in Broadwalk

The footway at The Broadwalk is on the Local List of heritage assets (https://

planning.pdf see  ...  view the full minutes text for item 7.


Date of the next meeting



Maria Alexandrou

Ian Barnes

Dinah Barry

NEXT WARD FORUM To be arranged.

This will be a larger event on the consultation on the new Local Plan.