Agenda and minutes

Haselbury Ward Forum - Thursday, 22nd January, 2015 7.30 pm

Venue: Millfield House, Silver Street, N18 1PJ

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Cllr. Savva welcomed all to the meeting.





Cllr. Bond, Cllr. Stafford, Cllr. Bakir and Cllr. Ekechi



To receive the minutes of the meeting held Thursday 18 September.


The minutes of the last meeting were agreed apart from the fact that it had not been noted that Cllr. Stafford had stated that the Tamil Temple in Church Street was in the wrong location.  As Cllr. Stafford was not at the meeting, clarification would be sought at the April forum.





Victoria Road - CPZ - meeting had taken place with Officers but complainants did not attend the meeting.




To receive an update on local policing issues.


Sgt. Moggridge  - Neighbourhood Watch take up is not great over the whole borough.  People are interested in belonging but not willing to run it and/or be a co-ordinator.  Sgt. Moggridge suggested that people talked to their neighbours about it.

It would be a good idea to follow the Met Police on twitter @MPSEnfield.  This will  be the way forward for contact in the future.  999 calls show two tweets per shift - cars seized, cannabis detected etc. 

Cllr. Savva commented on the lack of police numbers, but Sgt. Moggridge advised that since September there had been an increase in team numbers by 2 - now 1 Sergeant,  6 Pcs per ward. And 2 PCSO’s per ward.  They would be out and about more,  particularly in Haselbury ward. Officers were also less likely to be being taken off the ward for other duties and some responsibilities to be given back to other departments.  From April 2015 there would be new shift patterns with more police working during daytime hours when people were about.

The new Inspector for the South Cluster - Andrew Port had started 2 weeks ago.  Priorities were burglary and violence with injury.  There has been a  London wide increase in violence with injury, other areas being worse than Enfield.  No obvious reason for this. It could be drug related but incidents are not normally at random but neighbour disputes etc

The Romanian camp has been removed.  There are now some rough sleepers around Mothercare and by A406 under the bridge, but less than before.

Uniform and plain clothes patrols have been targeting the prostitution problem in Upper Edmonton in weekly operations and a large operation once a month.  There have been a number of arrests. 

Crime statistics from January 2014 to January 2015


Edmonton Green down by  22.5% - 51 less

Haselbury - down by 7.6% - 11 less

Upper Edmonton  - up by 23%  - 41 extra

The increase in Upper Edmonton could be the result of  burglars coming over from the Tottenham border, but the figure does include non residential burglaries.  Upper Edmonton has a  transient community.

Theft from motor vehicles

There has been a big reduction  - borough wide a reduction of 1100 crimes

Edmonton Green down by  33.8%  - 63 less

Haselbury down by  44.1% - 67 less

Upper Edmonton down by  55.6% - 252 less

Theft from person

Edmonton Green down by 28.2%  - 20 less

Haselbury - increase of  33.3% 

Upper Edmonton   - down by 24.1%  -  21 less


Edmonton Green - increase of 17%  -  20 extra

Haselbury increase of  33.3%  

Upper Edmonton - 31 more incidents

Haselbury Road had been a problem with school pupils using alleyways and then having I-phones taken.  - children using alleyways.  The situation has now improved.

A resident asked about the number of residents in the Tamil temple.  Sgt. Moggridge said that was not within his remit.

It was reported that a man was regularly seen walking along the Hertford Road from  ...  view the full minutes text for item 14.




To be deferred to April Forum.




This is used as a short cut.  There had been 3 accidents in the last 3 years. Cllr. Abdullahi mentioned that traffic calming would take place from April.    Residents felt that humps were not effective




Cllr. Savva advised that Cllr. Stafford was trying to acquire the spare land in Park Road for use as a car park.  Residents stated that it would not hold many cars and that double yellow lines were needed on the North side.  These have already been proposed.

A resident pointed out that there were parking problems on the corner of Bulwer Road.  Cllr. Savva said that a mobile CCTV camera could be put back there.

A resident complained that people with disabled badges were parking on the double yellow lines  on corners around the temple.  The residents  had been trying for two years to get no loading/unloading restrictions.  They had received a letter last August, but so far nothing had happened.

A resident stated that lorries cannot access Latymer Road because of cars parked  on the corners.  Enforcement needs to be informed.





Haselbury ward has some funding left and the Councillors will look at outstanding applications. Upper Edmonton has allocated all its funds.  Advice was  awaited whether an application had been approved which covered 6 wards as part of the Edmonton celebrations.

A resident remarked on the bad state of the pavements in Upper Edmonton, particularly by Brettenham School.




To receive an update on Church Street.


Enfield Council has prepared a prosecution file.  A summons will be sent on confirmation of who to prosecute.  There are a number of interested parties.  Another restaurant is opening in Enfield Town.

A resident referred to retrospective planning applications. Cllr. Savva confirmed that the Council was now taking a strong line on such applications, but that the restaurant had never applied for planning permission.  Another resident pointed out that he had watched an over-sized extension being built and had reported it, but that no action had been taken.





No further information available as to when it will be taken over. 





It was suggested that residents look on the Food Standard Agency website for the rating of restaurants and take-aways.  Many in Fore Street had a 0 or 1 star rating.

A resident stated that in the past Enfield Council used to acknowledge letters, but that for the last 10 years there had been no acknowledgement.  Roof tiles were still hanging off a building.  There was a Grade II listed wall with cracks. The only result was through the Local Government Ombudsman about 3 months ago.

A resident asked whose responsibility is was to remove rave notices from traffic lights around the Cambridge Roundabout.

A resident complained that the pavement in Church Lane had been replaced by asphalt and not like for like.  It was generally thought that this would not happen in all parts of borough.  Cllr. Savva said that it was due to the cuts.

A resident stated that the traffic light by Pymmes Park has been on an oil drum for the past 20 years.

Cllr. Abdullahi talked about Meridien Way, where new homes would be built and the rail network improved.

Attendees felt that Edmonton needed well known shops such as M & S as it had in the past before the amalgamation with Enfield, such as Marks and Spencer and referred to the fact that there were 5 x pound shops in Edmonton Green.  Cllr. Savva said that, if a business was not profitable within one year, it left the area.

Cllr. Andullahi reported that the lifts at Edmonton Green would be operating from the following Wednesday.  Users hoped that the gap between the train and the platform had been improved.  

A resident mentioned that there were five steps from the car park to the entrance to the Green Shopping Centre and another resident stated that there was hardly any pavement for pedestrians as was the case in many shopping areas.