Agenda and minutes

Haselbury Ward Forum - Thursday, 23rd April, 2015 7.30 pm

Venue: Raynham School, Raynham Avenue, Edmonton, N18 2JQ

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Cllr. Savva  welcomed all to the meeting and stated that all future meetings would be held in Community House.

The minutes of the January 2015meeting were agreed. 





A resident referred to the comment that Cllr. Stafford was trying to acquire the spare land in Park Road for use as a car park, but stated that on 24th February in spite of the existing parking problems in Victoria Road and Park Road the Planning Committee had given permission for 18 flats with 4 parking spaces to be built on 10 Park Road.  The resident had been unaware of the planning application and did not have an opportunity to oppose it.  She stated that the current parking problems could not be allowed to continue.  Cllr. Abdullahi had voted against the development and he advised that double yellow lines were proposed for one side of the road.

Another resident referred to the statement in the previous minutes that the Council was taking a strong line on retrospective planning applications and raised the issue of the additional applications received from the Tamil Temple in order to comply with conditions previously set out. Cllr. Savva stated that these would be discussed at a future Planning Committee meeting and that the Temple would have to work within the conditions set out.

A resident had complained to the Building Regulations Dept. about a property, where rain water and waste water appeared to be going down the same pipe.  The Council had said all was in order.  He pointed out that people went ahead with building and then asked for retrospective permission, as enforcement action was most unlikely.

A takeaway Restaurant on Church Street - Cllr. Savva confirmed that a further visit had been made to the restaurant two weeks after the January forum.   A summons would go ahead soon as possible. 

A resident stated that Enfield Council should make rules against landlords and tenants to ensure that they kept their properties and gardens tidy.  He reported that rubbish has been accumulating at a property on Raynham Terrace over the past three years.  The Council had cleared it once, but the owner lives abroad and the tenant makes no effort to keep it tidy.  Cllr. Savva confirmed that Enfield had tried to bring in legislation to register all landlords, but that this had not been successful.  He pointed out that the Council had to deal with numerous cases of fly tipping.

A resident asked if there were any regulations regarding hedges overhanging the pavement.  There were 3 such hedges in Felixstowe Road.  Another resident stated that, where this had occurred previously, the Council had written to the owners, asking them to trim their hedge.





Barbara Herridge, NLWA, explained that the Authority managed rubbish from seven London boroughs and was the second largest plant in the country. A large proportion of waste still goes to landfill sites away from London but approximately 500,000 tons per year goes to the Edmonton plant to be turned into electricity. The Edmonton plant meets emission regulations but is 45 years old. NLWA wants to build on the same site. The plant would continue to operate whilst the new plant was being built.  The new plant would be larger and able to deal with 700,000 tons per year, (more people, more rubbish), but would be more efficient and produce more electricity, the income from which would remain here.  Heat is created by the plant, which is water cooled.  Currently nothing is done with the steam produced, but NLWA is looking at ways of capturing the steam underground to heat homes.

The second stage of the consultation begins on 18th May and finishes end June 2015. All comments must be in writing. Public events will then be held at Fore Street library, Tesco opposite the plant and a mobile van in Edmonton Green shopping centre.  There will be a separate series of events to enable people to speak to technical and environmental experts.

In reply to Cllr. Savva’s question as to why the consultation period was so short, Barbara explained that this was not a normal planning application.  It would be dealt with by the Secretary of State for Energy and the Planning Inspectorate at Bristol.

Cllr. Abdullahi asked about emissions. Barbara confirmed that emissions from the plant were very well regulated and currently 20% below standard and that emissions from the new plant would be 60% below standard. A resident had noticed residue on her windows recently and wondered if this had come from the plant. Residents were advised, should they have any concerns in the future, to phone 020 8884 5525/ 5529. Website : London

The new plant would be built on the composting site and composting would be contracted out.  Some is already outsourced.

The NLWA is an independent body.  Two Councillors from each of the seven boroughs attend meetings. When the GLC disbanded four waste authorities were formed for London.  There is also one in Manchester and one in Merseyside.





Sgt. Dave Durrant stated that the seven MOPAC priorities were burglary, theft of motor vehicle, theft from motor vehicle, robbery, theft from person, violence with injury and criminal damage.

Edmonton Green- 5 of the 7 priorities have seen a reduction in the past 12 months

5% reduction in burglary                              

31% reduction in robbery   

28% reduction in theft from person              

12% reduction in theft of motor vehicle

33% reduction in theft from motor vehicle   

30% increase in violence with injury             

20% increase in criminal damage

Violence with injury can be road rage etc.

Upper Edmonton

11% reduction in burglary                             

20% reduction in robbery

53% reduction in theft from motor vehicle

Plain clothes patrols have been carried out


21% reduction in burglary                             

36% reduction in robbery

49% reduction in theft from motor vehicle

48 hour dispersal zones have been effective. It used to take several weeks to obtain permission for a longer dispersal zone.

There have been anti-social behaviour issues in Edmonton Green.

Haselbury Ward did have a problem with robberies in Church Street, but the team changed their shift patterns and caught one offender in the act.  He was arrested on 12th April and found to have items from 8 robberies.  He will also be charged with possession of cocaine and offering cocaine.

Overnight burglaries have taken place where residents had not locked their UPVC doors properly.

Sgt. Durrant stated that, although there are more officers in Enfield, they have additional responsibilities. A resident pointed out that you never hear Scotland Yard making representations to the Government for more police. He also queried whether anyone was ever charged for cycling on the pavement.

Cllr. Abdullahi pointed out a problem that for the last two months youths had been congregating outside the MP’s office in Fore Street and asked if these could be dispersed.  Sgt. Durrant replied that patrols had targeted the area and stop and search operations carried out, checking for drugs.

Cllr. Ekechi stated that the same problem existed within the estates off Wilbury Way such as Whitehead Close. Children were out up to 11 pm and there was a drug problem. Sgt. Durrant said that residents needed to report this, as the Police needed intelligence in order to be able to act. Cars are often damaged during the night in this area, but the residents have given up reporting it

A resident stated that in the Park Road/ Solomon Avenue area local people did their best to block off the car park with large vans to stop drinking and drug taking occurring there.  The problem had been reported on numerous occasions and here again they no longer bother to report it. There is a similar problem at the back of the flats in Moree Way. The Police plan to issue a warrant there.

A resident asked what happens when the Police have to break into a house, when a person is ill. Sgt. Durrant confirmed that the police are not responsible for repair to the property,  ...  view the full minutes text for item 25.




Steve Whipp from the Environment Agency stated that 600 properties in the Montagu Road area by Salmons Brook had flooded - hence the reason for the flood alleviation scheme. Work Around Montagu Road stated in May 2013 and defences are being built along Salmons Brook. The Grange Park area is virtually finished - just landscaping still to be done. The project has taken longer than expected due to the wet weather, but should be completed by July 2015 apart from the landscaping, which may be done after that date. The formal opening will take place in Autumn 2015. Cllr. Abdullahi pointed out that the old wall in the cemetery needed to be made safe.





Cllr. Savva advised that this was coming to an end. A resident asked what would happen to any money that had not been allocated, to which Cllr. Savva replied that any such money would go back into the general Council fund. A representative from Ebony Mental Health Association stated that it had been difficult to contact Councillors to sign the application form. Cllr. Savva explained the process - applications had to be passed by the Ward Councillors and then go before a panel.  Some applications were accepted, some rejected. In certain cases sufficient information had not been given.





Attendees expressed the view that it was difficult to contact Councillors and to know when meetings were being held. It was pointed out that the internet or local libraries were a good source of information. It was mentioned again that very few people receive local papers and many did not receive Our Enfield. This made it difficult to let residents, who were not able to access Enfield Council’s website, know about the meetings. It was reported that it was almost impossible to speak to a Council Officer.  Residents were kept waiting for several minutes to speak to anyone on the Council switchboard and were then given the run around. 

A resident had sent an email to Cllr Stafford on various issues such as the fact that the car park for Capital Restaurant had been rented to a car wash and that there was no parking for the Kervan banqueting suite.  Cllr. Stafford had acknowledged the email and passed it on to Andy Higham.  Andy Higham finally replied three months later, but no follow up from Cllr. Stafford.  Cllr. Ekechi pointed out that there was a procedure that needed to be followed with regard to answering communications.

Another resident complained that the sale of Raynham car park had caused problems in the area.

A resident of Whitehead Close stated how difficult it was to get out from there.  There were no double yellow lines to stop people parking by the junction.





Dates proposed for future forums - all at Community House commencing 7.30 pm

Thursday 22nd October 2015

Thursday 4th February 2016

Thursday 14th April 2016