Haselbury Ward Forum - Thursday, 22nd October, 2015 7.30 pm

Proposed venue: Community House, 311 Fore Street, Edmonton, N9 0PZ

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Cllr. Savva advised that most issues had been addressed.  A resident referred again to the fact that building regulations should be adhered to and queried how an oversized building could be rectified at a later date.





Sgt. Kennerley gave the following figures:-

Robbery -  Edmonton Green - increase of 1.1% and Haselbury - increase of  28.6%  (from 63 to 81)

Criminal damage -  Edmonton Green - increase of 8.1%, Haselbury increase of 3.4% and Upper Edmonton - reduction of 16%

Theft from motor vehicle - Edmonton Green - reduction of 18.4%, Haselbury - reduction of 5.7% and Upper Edmonton - reduction of 29.4%

Theft of motor vehicle  - Edmonton Green - reduction of 15.1%, Haselbury - reduction of 2.3% and Upper Edmonton - increase of 8.1%

Violence against person - Edmonton Green - increase of  5%, Haselbury - increase of 6.4% and Upper Edmonton -increase of 4.6%

Theft from person - Edmonton Green - reduction of 15%, Haselbury - similar and Upper Edmonton - increase of 7.8%

Burglary - Edmonton Green - increase of 21.8% (from 174 to 212), Haselbury - increase of 21.2% (from 132 to 160) and Upper Edmonton - increase of 5.1% (from 215 to 227).

It was suggested that figures rather than percentages for all categories would be very helpful.


Cllr. Savva stated that all realised that the Police teams were under extreme pressure. Sgt. Kennerley confirmed that there would be both day and night time patrols over the following two weeks to combat the increase in burglary and robbery in Haselbury ward.  Haselbury Road and area around Pymmes Park would be targeted as well as two prominent burglars.

Re Upper Edmonton ward there were problems around the A406 and The Angel.  More night duties would be undertaken.  Both drug dealing and drug use were problems in the South of the borough.  Dispersal zones had been agreed for Glover Drive - around IKEA and Mothercare.  The team was also looking at rented houses, where there appeared to be about 20 people living there.

Residents are always welcome to attend the ward based CAPE meetings (Community Action Partnership Enfield), which are held every month/ 5 weeks.

A resident stated that officers are no longer seen on patrol.  She reported serious public health issues around the Artzone and Montagu Road, where people were washing clothes, urinating and defecating.  She asked how many prosecutions had taken place for spitting, littering and urinating.  Enforcement Officers will advise.

There is also a problem in the area with cars being driven around the car park.  Drivers access it even when locked.  There is also a problem in Upper Edmonton with people smoking (probably drugs) outside Housing Association properties.  Police will investigate.





Neeru Kareer gave a brief update.  There were no concrete plans at present, but next phase is being looked at to continue regeneration of the area, including green spaces, a different kind of retail and leisure activities.  Use of the arches was being considered with Network Rail and a possible cycle hub within the Cycle Enfield scheme.   The plan will be out for public consultation in January/February and Neeru would be prepared to report back to the next forum the results of the consultation. 

Concern was expressed re parking, which was very difficult at present and would be made impossible by the proposed development on part of the car park.  A resident stated that the 106 money should have a clear community focus, enabling residents to have a say in how it would be spent.





David Taylor pointed out that, although CPZ’s were successful around shopping areas and stations, cost was the disadvantage.

West zone covering Lyon Road and Sawyer Close - Monday to Friday 11 am to noon - implemented May 2015 - positive feedback.

East zone covering Oxford Road and Close, St. Martin’s Road, Marsden Road and Monmouth Road - Monday to Sunday 9 am to 6.30 pm, implemented May 2015 - extension in Oxford Road and Monmouth Road - Sept 2015.  Petition received, requesting Harton Road, Westoe Road and Gordon Road to be included.

South zone - Trial period of Monday to Sunday 9 am to 6.30 pm implemented in July 2015 and reviewed Sept 2015.  The original feedback was that this was not what residents wanted.  New times of 11am to 1pm and 6pm to 8pm had been suggested,  600 letters had been sent out and 157 replies received.  Of these 68% were in favour of the original time and 75% disagreed with the new timings, although attendees disagreed with these figures, as they thought those in favour of the second option should be much higher.  Some residents had stated they had not received the questionnaire or did not understand it, and those present stated that there was definitely a parking problem in the evening as a result of people going to local restaurants.  The experimental period ends in January 2017.  Residents of  Shrubbery Road wanted to have the option of an extension.   A petition had also been received from Felixstowe Road.

A further consultation on match day controls, covering a large area up to the A10, will commence in January 2016.  The scheme would be funded by Tottenham Hotspur Football Club.    Raynham Road and Victoria Road will also be considered.   It was pointed out that the major parking problems in Victoria Road were not only on match days but daily due to the Capital Restaurant.  In addition permission had been given for 18 flats on Park Road and a doctor’s surgery.  It was suggested that the  Raynham Road scheme should be extended further.

There was also a complaint that no enforcement was taken against large commercial vehicles blocking a cul de sac in spite of the 5 ton lorry ban.





Rupert Brandon & Nick Fletcher)

It was confirmed that the proposed development on land owned by Enfield Council did include the loss of  the car park, but that alternative on street parking would be made available.   An attendee pointed out that Raynham School was already over-subscribed.  A full consultation would be carried out before February 2016 and Rupert Brandon would report back at the next forum.  He emphasised the housing crisis and stressed the need to reduce the number of people in temporary accommodation and requirement for affordable housing, which it was hoped in this development would be more than 40%. 

Re Highmead Nick Fletcher explained that the funding for GP’s was complicated.  The capital funding for the surgery was in place, but NHS England had to fund the running of the surgery, hence the reason that it would not be operational before July 2016.  The clinic will be run by a local pharmacy.  Cllr. During commented on the lack of GP services in the area.

Highmead would contain retail units - a coffee shop would be opening the following month, a furniture store had been launched, another two premises had been let.  The development offered work and apprenticeships for local people





In reply to the complaint about the fly tipping of dirty mattresses, TV’s etc  Cllr. Georgiou stated that reporting this on the website www.enfield.gov.uk or by telephone 020 8379 1000 would result in the rubbish being collected normally within 4 hours and definitely within 24 hours. 

Residents complained that wheelie bins were not put back where they had been left.

There was a serious parking problem in Sebastopol Road

Next meeting -  Thursday 4th February 2016 - 7.30pm - Community House