Agenda and draft minutes

Remuneration Committee
Monday, 23rd July, 2018 5.30 pm

Venue: Conference Room, Civic Centre, Silver Street, Enfield, EN1 3XA

Contact: Tariq Soomauroo 

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Welcomes & Apologies


Councillor Yusuf (Chair) welcomed everyone to the meeting.


Apologies for absence received from Councillor Leaver.


Declarations of interest


There were no declarations of interest.




 To agree the minutes of the last Remuneration Committee held on 12th April 2018.



Minutes of the last Remuneration Committee held on 12th April 2018 were AGREED.


Verbal update on the Chief Executive and Chief Officer pay award

Julie Mimnagh (Head of HR & OD) to provide verbal update


Julie Mimnagh (Head of HR & OD) provided a verbal update on the Chief Executive and Chief Officer pay award.



·         2 year pay deal

·         Pay awards 2% (April 2018) and 2% (April 2019)

·         Chief Officer was delayed and now has been approved

·         Award will be paid in August 2018 and backdated to April 2018



Unison request for joint working on the implementation and assimilation to the new NJC pay spine from April 2019- Report 'To Follow'


Julie Mimnagh (Head of HR & OD) tabled the Unison request for joint working under implementation and assimilation to the new NJC pay spine from April 2019.




·         Two-year pay deal restructured

·         From 1st April 2019 a new simplified NJC pay scale will be introduced

·         The Council is waiting for further guidance in relation to the assimilation of officers to the new pay scales

·         This exercise may involve assimilation or the re-evaluation of some job descriptions

·         HR will contact other London Councils to ensure a consistent approach is applied

·         Unison have asked to be involved in this process and have provided training to their activists and paid officials to support their engagement in this exercise

·         Money has been allocated in the Council budget for pay awards



Foster Carer Policy pdf icon PDF 135 KB

Julie Mimnagh (Head of HR & OD) to present report (Attached)



Julie Mimnagh (Head of HR & OD) presented a report recommending the approval for paid Foster Carers Leave once the member of staff has been approved to become a foster carer (attached).




·         Foster carers are required to attend regular training, induction and reviews and often have to take annual or unpaid leave to attend (estimated up to 5 days)

·         Providing up to 5 days additional paid leave for approved foster carers may encourage more staff becoming foster parents

·         This will also provide additional paid leave on top of annual leave to support foster parents

·         A comment was made that there should be more evidence including statistics of other Borough comparisons

·         A question was asked whether there was a hand in hand policy on adoption

·         Julie Mimnagh responded that the Council does have an adoption policy that provides similar entitlements to the current Maternity policy




·         The policy was approved on a trial basis and asked JM to review in 1 year and report back to the Committee.

·         The Committee felt that in future we need to have something to measure by.



Premature Baby Policy pdf icon PDF 227 KB

Julie Mimnagh (Head of HR & OD) to present report (Attached)


Julie Mimnagh (Head of HR& OD) presented a report recommending the introduction of paid premature baby leave(attached)




·         Research shows that 8% of babies are premature

·         37 weeks or earlier is deemed premature

·         Premature babies are more likely to have health needs and spend more time in hospitals

·         During the early weeks after birth the parents face additional financial burdens including the cost of commuting to and from hospitals, parking etc

·         Waltham Forest first London authority to implement

·         Parents receive additional paid leave for each week the premature baby is in hospital from birth and up to and including the 37th week of confinement

·         EMT suggested that both parents should be entitled to premature baby leave and pay as the report currently just proposes entitlement for the mother

·         If option 4 is approved (in report), this will provide premature baby pay cap at 50% of salary




·         The Committee approved Option 4, subject to a review coming back to the Committee in 12 months

·         The Committee also approved extending premature baby pay and leave to both mothers and fathers employed by the Council.


Appointment process to Head of Service 3 posts - Report 'To Follow'


Julie Mimnagh (Head of HR & OD) tabled a paper outlining the recruitment process for HOS 3 posts.




·         The report explains that HOS3 posts carry a broad remit of responsibility and accountability that is reflected in the pay grade for these posts

·         The Council’s Constitution is clear that all appointments at Head of Service and below are officer led

·         It is recognised that the recruitment process must be  robust and the Council would like to include two elected members (controlling party and opposition party) to sit on the interview panel in the capacity of key stakeholders




·         Councillors agreed to have members sit on panels



Retention of registered children's social workers - Report 'To Follow'


Julie Mimnagh (Head of HR & OD) tabled the report recommending proposals to support the retention of registered children’s social workers




·         It was recommended to approve the additional benefit of one month paid sabbatical after three years continuous service for qualified children’s social worker

·         To approve further one month paid sabbatical on completion of a further three years’ service from the date of the last sabbatical

·         Julie Mimnagh advised that this is an area Enfield continues to struggle to recruit

·         Enfield is competing within a competitive market, and social workers can earn more money as an interim or are being offered generous retention packages elsewhere

·         These include generous incentives such as joining bonuses, retention payments, golden handshakes and housing packages

·         The Council has a high turnover rate in this area and faces higher costs through the necessity to appoint more expensive interims




·         Councillors approved the recommendation subject to a review on an ongoing basis (1 year)



Date of next meeting


Tuesday 16th October 2018.