Agenda and minutes

Health Scrutiny Panel
Wednesday, 18th March, 2015 7.30 pm

Venue: Conference Room, Civic Centre, Silver Street, Enfield, EN1 3XA. View directions

Contact: Elaine Huckell 

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Attendees were welcomed to the meeting.  Apologies were received from Councillor Hamilton and for lateness from Councillor Jiagg.




Members of the Council are invited to identify any disclosable pecuniary, other pecuniary or non-pecuniary interests relevant to items on the agenda.


There were no declarations of interest.



To receive the minutes of the meeting held on the 17 December 2014


The minutes of the meeting of the 17 December 2014 were agreed as a correct record.


Attendees were informed that a Performance Report now accompanied item 5 of the agenda on ‘Redevelopment of Chase Farm Hospital’




The Chair gave the following update:


This is the second public meeting of the Health Scrutiny Standing Workstream, and since my last update, I have been very busy, working on a range of issues relating to the health of our residents. I have tabled a summary of the meetings and visits I have attended over this period.


I am the Vice Chair of the Joint Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee (JHOSC) which comprises elected members from 5 neighbouring boroughs. Enfield hosted the meeting in January and in addition to a regular update on Chase Farm proposals, we discussed Integrated Care in Islington, Primary Care complaints monitoring and Out of Hours Commissioning.

In January, Cllr Pearce and I attended a local GP Network meeting. This will help inform our next workstream subject that will consider access to GPs and primary care in the borough.


You may be aware that the BEH MHT currently holds the contract for providing community services in Enfield. I’m very grateful to Maria Kane for arranging a day for me to view some of the many specialist services for children, based in schools and the wider community. The range and quality of services was extremely impressive as too, the dedication of all the staff I met. It is hoped to arrange a further day to look at community services available to adults.


We continue to liaise with colleagues from Healthwatch and I welcome Lorna Reith, Chief Executive here this evening.


Looking ahead, this Friday, 20th March, the JHOSC will be meeting at Camden Council, commencing at 10.00am, the agenda will include, the London Ambulance Service, A&E performance across the North Central London sector, maternity services and Whittington Health Integrated Care.


On Monday 23rd March, Cllr Pearce and I will be attending another JHOSC meeting relating to the BEH MHT. Items for discussion will include an update on finance and the redevelopment proposals for St. Ann’s hospital.



To receive a presentation from Andrew Panniker, Director of Capital and Estates and Kim Fleming, Director of Planning Royal Free Hospital Trust


Andrew Panniker, Director of Capital and Estates (Royal Free London NHS Trust), gave a presentation/ position statement on the redevelopment programme at Chase Farm Hospital. The main points of which were as follows:


  • Approval was given for outline Planning permission on 12 March 2015 and work is now progressing on the detailed design proposals including floor plans.  It is hoped that these would be ready by the end of July 2015.
  • It will be necessary to keep the hospital running whilst works are on-going and this will entail the relocating of the urgent care centre. Decanting works should be complete by September 2015.  In September 2015 the full business case should be submitted to the Trust Board.
  • In autumn, details would be forwarded to the Department of Health and Treasury, their approval is expected by December 2015.
  • Construction works are to commence early January 2016 and it is hoped that the doors to the new hospital should be open by Spring 2018.
  • Design drawings and detailed plans should be completed by July 2015 and therefore a cost certainty for the price of demolition and full build should be available by autumn.
  • A temporary school will be built on site this year and a permanent school should be opened in 2019.
  • The process for the disposal of land should commence this month (March 2015) for two plots of land for the school and for housing. 
  • Of the 100 tenants previously located on site, only 17 tenants now remain. It is expected that the last tenant should leave by the end of July 2015. It has been agreed that four of the remaining tenants will remain until this time. Discussions are continuing with the remaining tenants.
  • Stakeholder events have been held, including one for residents and tenants. A building has recently opened on site as a ‘communication suite’.  This allows people to access information about the Chase Farm proposals. There will also be signs in position to provide information for visitors to the hospital. 


The following questions were taken:


Q: How much input is the Royal Free having on the school development?

A: Enfield Council is best placed to deal with this process which will include school design and similar matters. We will liaise with them on these subjects including issues such as traffic flow.


Q: We understood that enabling works would commence this month following initial planning consent being given.  Have your building dates slipped?  and will there be some design plans/ picture images available to enable the public to see the proposals for the site?

A: Building dates have not slipped, there will be work starting on site from this month (March 2015). Decant works should be complete by September as previously mentioned.  During the course of the summer we should be able to have detailed drawings available. 


Q. Are you able to include a reference to the hospital development costs on site noticeboards, in a similar way to how new traffic schemes are sometimes shown?

A: We will not  ...  view the full minutes text for item 464.



To receive a performance report from Richard Gourlay, Director of Operations.


Richard Gourlay, Director of Operations (North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust), gave a presentation on the performance of the North Middlesex University Hospital. The main points of his presentation were as follows:


  • Emergency Care performance showed a 95% performance rating for Quarter 1 and Quarter 2, however there was a challenging period from November to January which was also reflected in the national figures.
  • Initiatives to try to improve the winter situation included being part of a ‘resilience’ group set up with all joint partners and, from January, establishing a winter ‘hub’ at NMUH with 30 additional beds.
  • By having local authority and community services on site and working at a senior level with them, they have managed to reduce the number of delayed transfers. There had also been daily meetings to facilitate complex discharges.  There were currently 9 DTOCs compared to previous occasions when there would have been approximately 25 DTOC’s.
  • The 18 week Referral to treatment (RTT) indicator for those people admitted to hospital shows a good performance (90%) for the year.  For those who do not need to be admitted to hospital but require medication or other intervention, then the performance rate is 95%. 
  • A graph showed ‘Performance against Cancer standards’ which were some of the best in London.  The ‘Two week wait’ performance is 93% for the year with a 96% result for the ’31 day decision to treat to Treatment’ indicator.  
  • The indicator for ’62 day referral to Treatment’ Cancer standard shows an 85% performance. This is lower than the other two indicators reported, due to the complex planning needed for arranging treatment.


The following questions were taken:


Q: Of the 30 beds of the ‘hub’ how many beds were filled and how long will you keep these beds?

A: There was a reduction of 4 beds in December. We shall maintain the hub until the end of April.


Q: The problem with having data/ performance in percentages is that we are unable to see the actual numbers involved.  Are you able to provide these figures for us?.

A: Yes we shall arrange for this information to be provided.

                                                                    ACTION: Richard Gourlay


Q. From looking at performance statistics, it does not appear that the number of attendees at A&E necessarily correlates to the hospital meeting its performance targets?

A: An in depth analysis would need to be made to determine this.  I agree that when we have had high attendances in A & E we are often still able to meet targets, on other occasions when there has been a lower attendance we have not met our targets. This is usually related to bed capacity and that is why it is important for us to work closely with our partners to closely manage our patient’s pathways.


Q: The emergency care performance figures improved in February following use of the ‘Hub’ however, this does not appear to have been sustained?

A: This is about bed capacity issues and a recent novo virus situation resulted in the  ...  view the full minutes text for item 465.



To receive a briefing paper on the provision of stroke services in the borough (to follow)


A briefing paper had been received from the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) on the Joint Stroke Strategy Implementation.   As it had not been possible for a representative to attend the meeting it was decided to defer the report to the following meeting of the Health Scrutiny Standing Workstream.


Rita Melonwu from Stroke Action gave an informative update on the services provided by her organisation which was founded in 2000. Services include -  providing information and giving advice and support to those that have had, or are at risk of having, a stroke. This also includes support to carers and family members.  Stroke Action help with the running of campaigns to highlight the risks to people of having strokes, this includes the checking of people’s blood pressure.


The organisation runs support clubs that facilitate social inclusion, rehabilitation and a positive approach to life after a stroke. They also provide a transport service and have an on-site gym.


It was suggested that the person who works in the role as the ‘Stroke Navigator’ position be invited to the next meeting to discuss their role.


A representative from the CCG, who has an understanding of the medical aspects/ pathways for the stroke service, would be invited to attend the next meeting of this Health Scrutiny Standing Workstream.

It was asked that the report provided by the CCG should also include data / performance details on Stroke Services.

                                                              ACTION:  Andy Ellis


Rita Melonwu was thanked for her update and praised for the good work provided by the Stroke Action team.





There was no other business.




To be confirmed


Meeting dates for 2015/16 will be agreed at the Annual Council meeting on Wednesday 13 May 2015.