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Environment & Climate Action Scrutiny Panel - Wednesday, 16th December, 2020 7.00 pm

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The Chair, Cllr Yusuf welcomed everyone to the meeting.



Members of the Council are invited to identify any disclosable pecuniary, other pecuniary or non-pecuniary interests relevant to the items on the agenda.


Cllr Yusuf declared an interest as an Enfield representative at the North London Waste Authority and a member of the Waste Implementation Board. Following advice from the Monitoring Officer, Cllr Yusuf will not Chair or contribute to Item 5 on the agenda ‘Waste Services and Fly-tipping.’ The Vice Chair, Cllr Aksanoglu will take the Chair for this item.



To receive and agree the minutes from the planning session meeting, held on 8 September 2020.


The minutes of the meeting held on 8th September 2020 were agreed.



To receive a presentation from Philip Wadsworth, Infrastructure Delivery Manager.


Philip Wadsworth introduced the presentation and highlighted the following:


1)    The purpose of the strategy is to value our parks, open spaces, trees and waterways and to improve access for community groups, especially those considered hard to reach.

2)    The strategy is out for consultation over a 6-week period, ending on 11 January 2021. Feedback received to date includes comments from Friends of Parks Groups.

3)    The Climate Action Plan requires an increase of 20% in green areas and this strategy will be a key tool in achieving that aim.

4)    The range and number of open spaces in Enfield was highlighted, with only Barnet having more in London. There is more water in Enfield than any other borough including 5 reservoirs and 100km of rivers. There are also 20,000 street trees. Within 10 years, the strategy will ensure that Enfield is the greenest London Borough.

5)    The links between the Blue and Green Strategy and the Climate Action Plan were noted.

6)    A circuitous route is being planned to navigate the borough, to include many of the green spaces. One of the aims of the route is to improve access to Lea Valley Regional Park, especially for residents in the east of the borough.

7)    Other blue and green projects to be undertaken include, expansion of the borough’s cycle and pedestrian network to improve connectivity, the development of Enfield Sports Village within Enfield Playing Fields, the Enfield Chase woodland restoration programme and the wetland and river restoration programme.

8)    The Blue and Green Strategy will be adopted by Full Council in early 2021, with an action plan being developed during the year.


The Chair thanked Philip Wadsworth for the presentation and asked Members of the Scrutiny Panel for comments and questions.


9)    A comment was noted that with no measurable outcomes and the strategy still being out for consultation, there is little to scrutinise, for example areas of policy or delivery. It was confirmed that the purpose of the presentation was to obtain views of Members on the strategy and potentially any areas that have been omitted.

10)In response to a question, it was confirmed that the authors of the strategy would reflect on comments made in relation to farmland and front and rear gardens. It was confirmed that a Ramsar site is a wetland site designated to be of international importance under the Ramsar Convention. An explanation of this will be added to the glossary.

11)A comment was received that there is little, quality green space in the Edmonton area and this was acknowledged as one of the key challenges that the strategy will address.

12)It was confirmed that the development of the new Energy Recovery Facility will occupy the same footprint as the current incinerator plant, and therefore will not impinge on surrounding green spaces. Regarding emissions, there is greater concern about emissions from motor vehicles.

13)It was noted that the strategy sets out how the Climate Action Plan target of increasing blue-green  ...  view the full minutes text for item 12.



To receive a presentation relating to waste services and fly-tipping in Enfield.


Cllr Aksanoglu chaired this item, following Cllr Yusuf’s declaration of interest.


1)    Doug Wilkinson, Debbie Campbell, Jon Sharkey, Sue McDaid and Jade Goodwin went through the presentation covering waste service changes, fly-tipping and the reuse and recycling centre and highlighted the following.

2)    The changes to service provision affected approximately 90,000 properties. In November 2019, provision changed from mixed food and garden waste collected fortnightly to a new separate weekly food recycling service and a paid for garden waste collection, also on a fortnightly basis, at a cost to residents of £65 per year.

3)    In March 2020, the collection of refuse and dry recycling changed to alternate weeks.

4)    To implement the changes, a number of workstreams were established relating to procurement, ICT, communications, operations and project governance.

5)    Communications worked well in relation to service changes and the promotion of the paid for garden service.

6)    Challenges included issues around ICT, caddy delivery and missed bins as a result of 190 new rounds being introduced. The number of missed bins has reduced considerably after the initial 6 months.

7)    Waste levels reduced over the initial phase of the service change as expected. However, when the first lockdown period was introduced and more people stayed at home, these levels increased again and in responding to the need, the service began collecting side waste in addition.

8)    During this difficult period, all collection services were maintained, even with staff shortages. In addition, extra fly-tipping crews were deployed across the borough.

9)    Resident engagement work, planned for 2020 has not been undertaken due to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic. This work will be undertaken in 2021/22.

10) An impact of the covid crisis included higher numbers of reported fly-tipping. To mitigate this, a growth investment of £500k has been implemented, allowing additional resources to be deployed and operating a clear all approach. Improvements have been noted in Upper Edmonton and surrounding wards.

11) It is planned to reduce fly-tipping through education and enforcement.

12) The recycling centre at Barrowell Green closed in March, following government advice that this type of facility was not essential.

13) Upon re-opening in May, a site new layout and change to service provision was in place. A new appointment system is in place, allowing 480 appointments every day, 7 days per week.

14) Details of resident’s usage, traffic improvements in the area and social distancing measures are all benefits of the new system.

15) The revised service at Barrowell Green will continue to be reviewed.

16) In summary, it has been a challenging 8 months, however, the teams have performed well in difficult circumstances.




Cllr Aksanoglu asked Members for any questions or comments.


17) It was noted that electric vehicles for refuse collection are being considered but currently it is an immature market. Approximately. £170,000 for a diesel refuse vehicle and £400,000 for an electric version. We have a fairly new fleet but affordability will be further considered as appropriate. 

18) Following a question relating  ...  view the full minutes text for item 13.


WORK PROGRAMME 2020/21 pdf icon PDF 17 KB

To receive and agree the work programme for 2020/21.


The work programme was noted and an additional meeting date of Wednesday 10th March was agreed. The items on the agenda will be Low Traffic Neighbourhoods and School Streets.


It was suggested that the Scrutiny Panel may consider the final Blue and Green Strategy and the development of the new Energy Recovery Facility as items for the next municipal year.


A general point to note is that Members should have adequate time to ask questions, with presentations providing highlights of the subject to be scrutinised.



To note the date of future meetings as follows:-


Tuesday 9 February 2021


Thursday 29 April 2021


Note: the date of an additional meeting is to be confirmed.


The dates of future meetings were noted, with the date for an additional meeting agreed as Wednesday 10th March 2021.