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Staff Appeals, Appointment And Remuneration Committee - Tuesday, 16th November, 2021 6.30 pm

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Members of the Forum are invited to identify any disclosable pecuniary, other pecuniary or non-pecuniary interests relevant to items on the agenda.






To agree the attached minutes of the Staff Appeals, Appointments and Remuneration Committee dated 29 April 2021.


The minutes of the meeting held on 29 April 2021 were agreed.



To receive a verbal update on the current National Pay Award.


The committee received an update from Tinu Olowe, Director of Human Resources & Organisational Design. The following key points were made:


·         An agreement has not been reached between the national employer and trade union for the pay settlement in 2021. Trade unions voted to reject the offer.

·         The national employer side has given a full and final offer, reaffirming the offer on the table, urging the trade unions to accept this. They are offering 2.7% for anyone on a payscale .1 anyone above .2 its 1.75%, Chief Executive & Officers 1.5%.

·         Trade unions are balloting their members for strike action. For strike action to take affect with Unison 50% of the national membership are required to vote in favour to go forward. For GMB and Unite, this means that action could be taken at each council / school where a turn-out of at least 50 per cent is secured (if members vote in favour strike action).

·         We would plan around our business contingency plan and discuss with trade unions to negotiate some exemptions

·         It was noted that the Leader is a Unison member and Cllr Barnes is a  GMB member. The Leader declared that she meets with Union representatives every couple on months.




To receive the Annual Workforce Report.

Additional documents:


The Committee received a report and presentation from Julie Minmnagh, Head of Human Resources, operations. The following key points were made:


·         In recent years the size of directly employed and agency has gone up. IWE has been brought back into the council and insourced the cleaning service.

Action: Julie to provide members with workforce figures over the past 5 years. 

·         Agency figures are static but are making progress to reduce this.

·         Some MM posts are technical posts, not all have management responsibilities

·         Staff turnover is 7.06% which is lower than the London average. Covid could be a cause for less movement.

·         4.9% of staff declare a disability, which is lower than the London average.

Action: Julie to provide the declaration rate

·         Sickness absence average is 10.32 days, corporate target is 7.96 days. Place/People departments have highest level of sickness. Most reasons are stress/mental health and muscular skeletal problems.


Tinu Olowe presented on employee experience highlighting:

·         Workshops have been converted for online delivery.

·         The launch of our behaviour and competency framework supported our culture change process.

·         Enfield became Stonewall Champions and led on joint project with 4 London Councils to start Black on Board Programme.

·         Leadership development curriculum launched.

·         Our PDR process was updated, a user-friendly electronic development tool was introduced.



Senior Leadership Structure within Place

To receive a verbal update on the senior leadership structure within Place.


·         Restructure about close within the Place department. Staff and unions have been consulted and Sarah Cary will make the decision on how to move forward.

·         The 2018 restructure saw us take a lot of senior staff out. Since then 2 have gone back in as they were crucial posts for the organisation. We are not keen to increase the level of Director posts further.

·         There is a skills gap in Place department, particularly around planning. We have a very large member of planning applications coming forward and an audit which we will need support for.

·         Propose to employ a Director of Planning and Growth. One existing Director post will be at risk, we propose this should be Director of Property Services. The function of this post would then be distributed out.

·         The Chair noted since the last major restructure the organisation is in a different place. Its right that we look at how we can be a better fit for purpose. We will await to hear the recommendations of Sarah Cary.

·         Members noted they agree the department has issues and would benefit from a senior post. Concerns raised on the Director of Meridian Water taking on more work as Meridian Water is such a huge project. In response officers confirmed the directors team has grown and he has a strong team underneath him and is happy this will deliver a good result.

·         The Leader has requested Ian regularly review the changes. The reconfiguration of Director portfolios will release pressures and give a better focus.


Senior Director Appointments

Verbal update from Tinu Olowe on;

·         Director of Finance Capital & Commercial

·         Director of Finance, Corporate

·         Director of Public Health



Committee were informed we have three Senior Director Appointments:

·         Director of Finance Capital & Commercial

·         Director of Finance, Corporate

·         Director of Public Health


Offers have been accepted, tentative start dates for Feb/March. Director of Public health has now started.