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Pension Policy & Investment Committee

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Information about Pension Policy & Investment Committee

The Committee shall:

(i)            Keep under review the fund’s long-term strategic asset allocation.

(ii)          Approve the appointment and removal of the actuary, investment managers and investment advisers, following appropriate procurement and selection procedures.

(iii)         Set performance benchmarks and investment guidelines for the investment managers, supervise their activities and monitor their performance and risk against the benchmarks and guidelines.

(iv)         Give directions to the actuary, investment managers and investment advisers with regard to any matter requiring the consent of the Authority or on which directions are sought.

(v)          Agree the Statement of Investment Principles.

(vi)         Ensure compliance with all relevant best practices for institutional investors and LGPS pension funds.

(vii)        Commission and consider actuarial valuations and set contribution rates.

(viii)       Consider any other policy or investment issue as the Committee see fit.