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Overview & Scrutiny Committee

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Information about Overview & Scrutiny Committee

What is Scrutiny?

Local Government scrutiny was created by the Local Government Act 2000 which required every local authority to have a scrutiny function. Scrutiny is a way of holding the council and external service providers to account on behalf of residents. Scrutiny aims to increase accountability by making the decision-making process clear and understandable and to ensure that the decisions being made by the Council are the best option for all those living and working in the borough.


Overview & Scrutiny Committee (OSC)

Enfield Council has an overarching Overview & Scrutiny Committee whose main role is to scrutinise the whole of the Council’s functions and responsibilities. The Overview & Scrutiny Committee (OSC) coordinates the work of Scrutiny Panels work programmes.  Made up of 8 Members, OSC ensures that the Scrutiny function in Enfield operates smoothly.


Equally important is OSC’s role in hearing ‘Call Ins’ and Councillor Call for Actions. Decisions made by the Council can be called-in through the Scrutiny process for questioning. OSC can decide whether the original decisions should be reconsidered, upheld or referred to Full Council.


OSC Budget Meeting (up to 31 January 2019)



Councillors who are not on the cabinet can use call-ins to challenge decisions made by the Cabinet, a sub-committee of the Cabinet, an individual cabinet member or key decision made by an officer. To call a decision in the councillor must submit a call in request stating the reason for the call-in and have the signatures of 7 other members of the council. A Call-In meeting of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee will then be held within 14 days where the one of 3 decisions will be made:


  1. Refer the decision back to the decision-making body for reconsideration explaining the concerns.
  2. Refer the decision to full Council.
  3. Confirm the original decision.

Scrutiny Panels

There are seven Scrutiny Panels. The role of these panels is to:


- To review and scrutinise decisions made, or actions taken by any of the Council’s functions


-To make reports and recommendations to Full Council and the Executive


-To look into any issues affecting the borough


Scrutiny Panels

Children Young People & Education Scrutiny Panel

Crime Scrutiny Panel

Environment & Climate Change Scrutiny Panel

Finance & Performance Scrutiny Panel

Health & Adult Social Care Scrutiny Panel

Housing Scrutiny Panel

Regeneration & Economic Development Scrutiny Panel


How to get involved

Members of the public are welcome to attend and participate in scrutiny meetings.


If you would like to suggest a topic for consideration by scrutiny, please email