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1.      Paul Karakusevic of Karakusevic Carson Lead Architects, gave an introduction of the proposals:

·        Karakusevic Carson Lead Architects were appointed four months ago to provide an holistic master plan for regenerating and improving the Former Middlesex University Campus Site, 188-230 (even) (excluding No.228), Ponders End High Street and Ponders End Library & Associated parking area, College Court.

·        The key aspects are to regenerate the High Street and the rear of the university, leading back to the wider site. The approach for re-development would be family orientated and the economic regeneration of the area. The key objectives of this integrated development would be:

a.      Re-location of the  College Court Library.

b.      Retain and refurbish the listed Broadbent building, caretaker’s cottage and gymnasium to provide residential floorspace, commercial floorspace and floorspace for community use.

c.      Retain and refurbish the Queensway multi-storey car park to provide 119 parking spaces (89 residential & 30 for Enfield Enterprise employees).

d.      To provide up to 408 new mixed tenure residential units, 567 sqm of commercial floorspace, 776sqm of new mixed retail floorspace and 156sqm of new community floorspace.

e.      Parking spaces for 252 cars.

f.        Introduction of a new public open space, high quality public realm and private amenity space.

·                    In terms of the wider context, the site lies within the Ponders End Regeneration Priority Area and within the area covered by the Ponders End Central Planning Brief. There have already been improved transport links in the area due to the new school academy in South Street, encouraging parents from the development to walk or to use public transport.

·                    The High Street shop frontages to be straightened and restored with new shop fronts. Pavements along the High Street would be improved and bought back to life with a quality surface to walk on.

·                    At present, the University site is disconnected from the High Street. Passage ways into court yards to be created  for mixed use retail & commercial use. Enhancements to be made to the ecology garden and a green route, with enhanced landscaping,  to be created to connect the High Street to the Broadbent building at the rear of the site.

·                    The proposed development would follow an established east-west street pattern with two main streets and pedestrian friendly home zones. The street design would allow for pedestrian and cycle priority over vehicles. The speed limit for the site would be 20mph. The streets have been designed for people, with emphasis on play areas and growing space.

·                    One of the new streets would house 4-5 storey apartment buildings and the remaining street would house lower level apartments. Terraced houses and maisonettes would be situated centrally to the development.

·                    The proposed illustrative housing mix can be viewed on the agenda and is in line with the maximum number of units that can be provided for the site as stated in the Ponders End Planning Brief. The viability assessment confirms that the maximum number of affordable housing units that can be delivered by the scheme is approximately 30%, based on the proposed housing mix supplied.

·                    It was stated that the housing units would have large bedrooms and large family living spaces.

·                    The existing multi storey car park on Queensway, would be refurbished with new gates, landscaped and back into use. The new energy centre would located at the rear of the car park.

·                    Car parking – The High Street proposals would be smaller units with an allocation of 0.5 parking spaces per unit. The multi-storey car park on Queensway would provide 0.65 parking spaces per unit equating to 3 parking spaces for every 4 properties. It was advised that a large majority of car parking would be off street, utilising the existing multi storey car park. The level of car parking provision falls within the London Plan car parking standard.

·                    The listed Broadbent building at the rear of the development would be re-connected to the new street pattern within the development. It is to be refurbished, with the removal of existing work shops at the rear and infilling these with new buildings. The windows to be refurbished or replaced and repairs to the roof and facades.  The interior of the building has been designed to include residential apartments and commercial units. There would be generous  living and work spaces, exposed structures and large windows. There would be a complimentary mix of 2/3/4 bedroom apartments on the upper levels of the building with commercial units at ground level.