Agenda item


Examination of crime statistics received from MOPAC to include:

(a) Recorded Crime;

(b) Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB);

(c) Public Confidence & Victim Satisfaction;

(d) Complaints against Borough Officers/Staff

(e) Stop and Search

(f) Taser Deployment


Superintendent, Carl Robison and SNT Inspector, Tony Molloy provided an update on the current police operations.


From 2012 to 2016 the Police have been focusing on the MOPAC 7 Challenge to reduce 7 neighbourhood crimes 20% across all London boroughs. The MOPAC 7 is as follows:

·         Burglary

·         Criminal Damage

·         Robbery

·         Theft from a motor vehicle

·         Theft from a person

·         Theft of a motor vehicle

·         Violence with Injury


Overall, Enfield achieved a 16% reduction of crime during the MOPAC 7 Challenge.


There is a focus on child sexual exploitation with 2 dedicated officers working in the borough. Figures show an increase in these kinds of crimes in the borough. This is believed to be because more people feel confident in reporting the crimes, not that more crimes of this nature are taking place. 


Domestic abuse is always a priority for the police. An officers role can be time consuming in domestic violence incidents as it involves victim support, collecting evidence and attending court.


Approximately, there will be 45/50 people missing in Enfield at any one time. These cases are ranked by: high risk, medium risk and low risk. The amount of time an officer spends on the case is dependant of the risk.


Theft from person has seen an increased in the borough. Elderly people in super markets are being targeted. The police are working closely with supermarkets in the borough to raise awareness to increase prevention.


Public confidence in the police is at 57%. Police processes and procedures are good. Officers are participating in more community engagement. The police website is being re-designed and there is a digital lead who is aiming to improve the electronic options to report crimes online.


Carl is currently the professional standards champion that reviews all complaints made against the police in Enfield.


All officers receive training on Stop and Search to ensure they are equipped to deal with the situation and understand fully their powers. There has been an increased intelligence based approach to Stop and Search.


There are a minimum of four officers who are trained in using a taser on duty per shift. Not all officers are trained to use a taser as it can be expensive and extensive to keep all officers training up to date. The taser is mostly used as a deterrent and is only used as a last resort. Officers work in pairs when they have the taser to ensure they are safe and the taser is being used correctly.


The following questions were taken:

Q) The Mayor of London suggested that each ward will gain an extra police officer, is this true?

A) The Commissioner, Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, and the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, have agreed to introduce a second dedicated ward officer (DWO) in every London ward by the end of 2017.


We will move 260 officers into these roles by the end of this year, and all 629 wards will have two of these dedicated ward officers by the end of 2017. 


This is an increase of over 500 dedicated ward officers who are named, dedicated and ring-fenced officers at ward level, with a sole focus on responding to the issues that matter to that local community.   

In Enfield, 54 Police Now Graduate Officers will be joining the team. These officers have a 2 year commitment to the borough and will be in Southgate, Highlands and Chase wards amongst others.


Q) Why was Highlands ward picked as one of the wards to receive an extra police officer?

A) Due to the higher number of mental health access points in this ward such as Chase Farm.


Q) Has burglary to business gone down?

A) A number of bookmarkers in the borough have been burgled and a number of arrests have been made. Betwatch was created to encourage other bookmakers to share their best practise and raise any concerns they made have. There has been a 24% reduction overall in burglaries compared to the baseline data.


Q) Has there been an increase in ASB due to the nights staying lighter longer?

A) Across London, there has been a high police presence in place to stop and reduce ASB. Many officers are working twilight shifts (12 hours) to deal with the demand over the summer period.


Q) Has there been an increase in hate crime?

A) Hate crime is defined as a crime motivated by racial, sexual or other prejudice, typically one involving violence. Since the decision was made to leave the European Union the reporting of hate crime has increased. Different communities have been affected differently by the decision.


Q) Will body worn cameras help the police?

A) Body worn cameras are welcomed by the police. In the new year, all front line officers will have a body worn camera. It is hoped this will reduce complaints and increase confidence from both officers and members of the public.


Concerns were raised that the Stop and Search Monitoring Group had one meeting and then those that attended never received any feedback as Stop and Search is meant to feedback into the SNB. Stop and Search is a useful tool when used wisely, however, it can alienate young people when they are routinely stopped.



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