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To receive the report of the Executive Director of Finance, Resources & Customer Services summarising the work that the Internal Audit and Risk Management Service (ARMS) has completed for the period 1 April 2017 to 20 December  2017.

(Report No.129)





RECEIVED the report of the Director of Finance, Resources & Customer Services (No.129) summarising the work of the Internal Audit & Risk Management Service for the period between 1 April and 20 December 2017.




  1. Results of Counter Fraud activity are summarised in Tables 2 & 3 (page 87). For housing recoveries the department were slightly behind target for this time of year. However, temporary accommodation recoveries were above target and have achieved overall 60 out of 100 total recoveries.
  2. In terms of savings, the department were over the total target and details for these are set out at table 3 (page 87) of the report.
  3. The insurance and risk management service has continued to ensure that risk registers are produced and challenged. There was presentation of the service risk registers earlier on in the meeting.
  4. In terms of quality assurance, table 4 (page 88) of the report, summarises how the team are progressing against its own internal targets. The team are on track with all those shown in table 4 except the ‘response from managers on draft reports’. This was skewed by the team issuing draft reports before the summer holidays, at schools mainly. The schools didn’t respond to the team till they returned from the holidays.
  5. The following issues raised in response to the report:

a.    The Chair was still dis-appointed with ‘managers progress with implementing internal audit recommendations’. Overall, 46% of the high priority recommendations and 42% of the medium priority actions had been fully implemented. This was not good enough and the Chair didn’t want the committee to note this in the recommendations, the committee wanted it recorded that they are dis-appointed with managers’ progress on this matter.

b.    Councillor Hurer required clarity on the Council Housing recoveries target figure detailed at table 2 (page 87) of the report. Was the figure of 75, by way of admission, that the team recognise there are more houses to recover but have not been found or is the annual target figure (75) based on a historical figure and the achieved figure (32) was all the team had found. Christine Webster clarified that the team assume that there are still houses that need to be recovered. The team had achieved 75 recoveries in the past and that is why the figure of 75 had been set. The team had also suffered in through the year as they had not had a full complement of investigators.

The team also relied on the neighbourhood’s team to refer to them. The team did not receive these early on in the year, partly because they were focussing on their reaction after the Grenfell disaster.

c.    Peter Nwosu (Independent Member) asked what the process was for following up on the actions for managers to implement internal audit recommendations.

  1. The Chair thanked Christine Webster for her report.


AGREED to note the progress made in delivering the Audit and Risk Management Service’s 2017/18 work plan and the outcomes achieved and to note managers’ progress with the implementation of internal audit recommendations.


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