Agenda item

Mayor's Announcements in Connection with the Ordinary Business of the Council


The Mayor welcomed everyone to the meeting.  


1.            Death of Former Councillor and Freeman of the Borough – Brian Grayston


The Mayor regretfully advised members of the death of freeman of the borough and former councillor, Mr Brian Grayston, who had passed away on Friday 15 February 2019. 


She sent members’ thoughts and prayers to his family and friends, and invited Councillor Taylor to say a few words in remembrance. 


Councillor Taylor praised Brian Grayston and the contribution he had made to the borough, particularly in the field of education.  He had first joined the Council in 1961 and had been elected to the Council on 6 separate occasions including as a founder member of the new borough of Enfield in 1964. 


Brian Grayston had been a powerful orator, a true socialist, committed to social change, equality of opportunity and fairness.  He had believed in public service and its ability to empower and improve.  He had made a real difference in Enfield, not only on the Council, but also through his work with Enfield in Bloom.


Councillor Vince echoed the comments of Councillor Taylor and said that although she did not agree with his politics, she had respected Brian Grayston and recognised his care for the children of Enfield.  Her memories included a very dapper dresser and she had personally appreciated his calm support when they had travelled together to a conference in Ashford, returning in monsoon rain. 


Councillor Achilleas Georgiou said Brian Grayston had been fiery and full of passion.  A lasting memory he had had of Brian Grayston had been the speech he had made at the last Council before the 1994 elections which, Achilleas Georgiou had thought, was one of the best speeches he had ever heard.  He had spoken with such heartfelt passion about education. 


Brian Grayston had been Mr Education, as well as a good friend.  Councillor Georgiou had personally learnt a lot from him and he hoped that members would raise a glass to him in the parlour, after the meeting. 


A minute’s silence was held in his memory. 


2.            Thank yous


The Mayor began, as this was her last formal Council meeting as chair, by thanking the Council officers and her fellow councillors for the hard work that had gone into the preparations for the evening and into all previous Council meetings.


The Mayor thanked all the members of the community that she had met during her term as Mayor:  the many individuals who worked tirelessly and voluntarily for the community that had touched her heart.  She commended the work that they did saying without these people, many vulnerable and isolated residents would suffer quietly.  She sent them her best wishes. 


3.            Together we are Enfield


The Mayor spoke about her show “Together We Are Enfield” which had taken place at Millfield Theatre on the previous evening.  For the last few months she had been busy producing the show with Platinum Performing Arts.  It had been a very successful evening, completely sold out.


The Mayor thanked all those who had come along and everyone who had made it such a fantastic evening.  In the show she had wanted to talk about all the wonderful people of Enfield who worked really hard to improve people’s lives, to protect Enfield’s beauties and to touch base on the incredible history of the borough.  She felt that there was so much going on and that this should be recognised and celebrated. 


The Mayor believed that they had produced a great work of art and was grateful for the huge support of the Platinum Team.  Feedback had been amazing.  It had been a wonderful work of art for such a great cause. 


The Mayor hoped that the evening would go smoothly and invited everyone for a drink in the parlour after the meeting.