Agenda item


Motion 1 in the name of Councillor Joanne Laban


“Bullying is the use of coercion, force, or threat to abuse, aggressively dominate or intimidate. In light of the recent articles in the press, Enfield Council agrees to confirm its opposition to the use of bullying and will deliver an anti-bullying campaign across the authority.”


Motion 2 in the name of Councillor Joanne Laban


“The administration failed to listen to resident’s views on changes to wheeled bin collections. It was clear from the consultation that the majority of people did not support alterations to the current wheeled bin collection service. The recent refusal to accept a petition supported by 6,000 people further underlines that this new administration is simply not listening to the residents of Enfield.”


Motion 3 in the name of Councillor Edward Smith


“This Council agrees to resist residential developments on Underground Station car parks in Enfield that are not in conformity with the existing local plan on the grounds that these car parks encourage commuters to use public transport.”


Motion 4 in the name of Councillor Maria Alexandrou


“Cervical screening is a way for women to protect themselves from cancer. The sad reality is that fewer women are now having cervical screening. Last year 1.3m women didn’t attend NHS screenings. There are 3,200 new cases of cervical cancer every year and of those 870 women die from it.”


According to CANCER RESEARCH UK 99.8% of cases are preventable. When Jane Goody fought her cancer battle, nearly 80% of women went for smear tests.10 years later, only 72% of women go. If this rate falls any lower, the rise in deaths will shoot up. In the case of Jade Goody, she ignored letters about her abnormal cells. She needed to go to hospital for surgery to remove those abnormal cells, surgery which most probably would have saved her life.


Many young women in their 20s and 30s are dying from cervical cancer and the tragedy is they are leaving behind their partners and young children. We need to encourage everyone to look after their health and have regular check-ups.


“Enfield Council therefore agrees to work together with other agencies for a local campaign on cervical cancer awareness and encourage women to attend that important screening test. It only takes 5 minutes at the doctor’s surgery and this test can save your life.”


Motion 5 in the name of Councillor Ian Barnes


“Air pollution is a cause of major health inequality in Enfield and across London: Some areas of our borough suffer nitrogen dioxide levels higher than the World Health Organisation limit.


Obesity is also a huge issue and Enfield is in the grip of an inactivity crisis. The number of adults in the borough who are obese stands at 57% and even though this number is slowly decreasing there are twenty boroughs across London which are doing better than Enfield.


More than 40% of Londoners do not achieve the recommended 150 minutes of physical activity a week, hardly surprising when around 40% of car journeys are under two miles.


In a bid to make people think twice about using their car many London boroughs have now committed to Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs): A whole residential neighbourhood in which streets are ‘access only’ by car, diverting ‘rat-run’ traffic (some measured at 80mph in 30mph zones in Enfield) back onto surrounding main roads whilst encouraging drivers to use more sustainable modes of transport, such as walking, cycling and public transport. 


This council wholeheartedly supports the implementation of LTNs in wards across our borough so residents can benefit from the positive effects that will be created in tackling pollution, obesity and concerns relating to traffic safety.”


Motion 6 in the name of Councillor Doug Taylor


“The last Labour government introduced a free TV licence to all over-75s regardless of income.  Support for the welfare state is dependent upon targeted benefits and universal benefits that cover everyone. The free TV licence Labour introduced in 1999 is a benefit available to all more elderly pensioners in Enfield regardless of wealth and is particularly important in combating loneliness and isolation. Television is a window onto the world and a steady companion.


The free licence appears to be under threat and Enfield Council calls upon the Government to ensure that it remains.”


Motion 7 in the name of Councillor Joanne Laban


“This Council has no confidence in Councillor Nesil Caliskan as Leader of the Council and confirms her removal as Leader of the Council pursuant to paragraph 2.3 of the Council Rules of Procedure.”


Motion 8 in the name of Councillor James Hockney


“Residents have raised a number of key concerns for improving road and environmental safety around schools in the Borough.


This Council must: 


        Maintain and increase school crossing patrols.

        Robustly enforce the existing 20mph speed limit around the perimeter of schools.

        Bring forward a strategy to address engine idling”


Motion 9 in the name of Councillor Joanne Laban


“Eighty years ago, this month, Britain declared war on Germany.  We sit in this chamber this evening as elected councillors due to the sacrifices made in that war to uphold democracy, human rights and the rule of law. Enfield Council agrees to say thank you to all those who fought and died for us to have the freedoms we have today.”


Motion 10 in the name of Councillor Rick Jewell


“Enfield Council believes that the continuing ideological drive towards academisation is flawed and does nothing to improve educational outcomes.  Indeed, evidence exists to suggest that attainment gets worse.


1.         This council notes that even with evidence of failing trusts and declining educational standards, academies cannot revert to local authority control. This will have a detrimental effect on our children’s learning. Enfield Council will lobby the government to allow schools to return to a local authority governed school.


2.         This council is very proud of our schools and our staff and we want them to stay within the control of the local authority. Schools, and the education of children, are best served when they are part of the local authority working collectively and collaboratively.


3.         Academizing schools only makes the school less accountable and disenfranchises the parents giving them less input into the schools their children attend.


4.         This council will encourage schools to run separate meaningful consultation ballots for both parents and staff prior to any academisation process and to take notice of the mandate from that consultation.


5.         This council will stand in full support of any school where the staff acts to stop a forced academisation.


6.         We will work harder towards keeping the dialogue and relationship between the council and those schools that have already academised.


This administration will do its utmost to protect the schools in our borough, the education of our children, the wishes of the parents and the terms and conditions of employment of our staff within those schools.”


Motion 11 in the name of Councillor Hamilton


“Britain and London are facing numerous Public Health Emergencies. Air Quality, Smoking, Obesity, Alcohol and Gangs to name but a few but the Conservative government have seen it fit to slash public health grants by 85 million for 2019-2020. This is a 60% cut in Public Health over the last 10 years.  Shocking!  Enfield's Public Health Allocation is now £47 per head compared with London average of £73 per head.  Islington receives £103, Camden £100, Kensington and Chelsea £130, even our next-door borough Haringey with £69 per head is way above our allocation.


The public health grant, funds vital services and functions that prevent ill health and contribute to the future sustainability of the NHS. Councils are responsible for delivering most public health services, but our ability to do so is compromised by these reductions and the broader funding climate. The total funding package which is used for sexual health services, drug and alcohol treatment, smoking and obesity also helps directors have an input into transport and housing services and supports children's services.


Taking funds away from prevention is a false economy. Without proper investment in public health people suffer, demand on local health services increases and the economy suffers. We have introduced HIAP, 'Health in all policies’ in Enfield and aspire to becoming a Public Health Borough. This preventative approach not only values the lives of our residents who we are here for but also encourages our residents to take more control over their health.


This Council believes that the impact of cuts to public health on our communities has become impossible to ignore. This becomes more pressing given the Government’s consideration of a 10-year plan for the NHS. For this reason, we support Cancer Research UK’s and Enfield's Over 50's Forum call for increased and sustainable public health funding. This Council calls on the Government to deliver increased investment in public health and to support a sustainable health and social care system by taking a ‘prevention first’ approach.


These cuts are a 'slap in the face' from this government’s ‘radical upgrade in prevention' as put forward by NHS England in the five year Forward Plan. A reduction in almost a quarter in spending per person between 2014 and 2019 under an austerity regime that is literally killing people needs to stop! The current allocation based on historical funding patterns need rapid realignment to the realities of health needs to the government now.


We must demand the government reinstates the £440,000 which has been cut this year and an increase of funding to Enfield that at least matches the average London level each year. 


The following motions lapsed under the guillotine arrangements:  16.1, 16.2, 16.3, 16.4, 16.5, 16.6, 16.7, 16.8, 16.9, 16.10, 16.11.