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Culture Strategy - "Culture Connects"

A report from the Executive Director – Place is attached. (Key decision – reference number 5165)



Councillor Ian Barnes (Deputy Leader) introduced the report of the Executive Director – Place outlining a new borough strategy for culture – “Culture Connects” – and seeking approval for the strategy to be adopted and its Action Plan delegated.




1.            That the Strategy would cover the next five years 2020-2025. The impact of the pandemic on the cultural and creative industries was highlighted in the report.


2.            That the Cultural Strategy had been developed alongside the Economic Development Strategy to provide a framework for Enfield to seize the opportunities that culture and the creative industries present in growing the Borough’s economy and providing opportunities for young people. The report set out the potential funding streams that would be sought and the seeking of external partners to work with the Council for the cultural benefit of the Borough.


3.            That the Strategy set out three cross-cutting priorities: Culture Every day; Opportunity for Young People; and, Sustainable Culture, as explained in the report.


4.            The five priority areas on which activity would focus over the next five years: On the ground; Right mix; Celebration; Supporting Growth; and, Cultural Capacity.


5.            Members thanks to the officers who had been involved in the development of the Strategy. This was an exciting development for the Borough and the synergy with the Economic Development Strategy was acknowledged together with the success of procuring funding as detailed in the report.


6.            The wide-ranging consultation which had taken place with over 40 internal and external stakeholders. Consultative workshops had taken place, as outlined in detail in the report.


7.            The success of the “Enjoy Enfield Summer” festival was highlighted which had been enjoyed by a significant number of the Borough’s residents.


8.            Members discussed the financial challenges being faced by the Council and sought assurances on funding the aspirations of the Strategy. In response it was explained that it was important to ensure that culture in the Borough was economically viable and in so doing the Council would continue to bid for available grant funding and attract and work with external partners, as set out in the Strategy.


9.            That positive feedback had been received to recent cultural events and activities in the Borough, including the art installations (five road crossings) in the Borough’s town centres.  


10.         Members praised the Strategy which reflected and included the Borough’s diverse communities and linked with the Council’s priorities and objectives. The Strategy was a positive document and the Council was enthusiastic in its development and effective implementation.


Alternative Options Considered: NOTED, that the option not to create a new Culture Strategy had been considered. This had been rejected as it entailed risk to the borough’s cultural sector, community well-being and economic development.


DECISION: The Cabinet agreed to


1.            Adopt the “Culture Connects” strategy for 2020-25.


2.             Delegate the finalisation of minor amendments, and the subsequent implementation of the “Culture Connects” strategy to the Executive Director – Place in consultation with the relevant Cabinet Member.


Reason: NOTED, the detailed reasons for the new strategy as set out in paragraphs 4 to 9 of the report.

(Key decision – reference number 5165)

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