Agenda item


To receive a verbal update from the Director of Environment and Operational Services.


Doug Wilkinson (Director of Environment and Operational Services) provided Cabinet with a verbal update on Transport for London (TfL) Capital Schemes, as summarised below.




1.            That the situation regarding TfL capital schemes was developing rapidly and this update was to keep Members informed of the current situation and the significant impact that the Covid 19 pandemic was having on TfL.


2.            Passenger numbers for both tube and bus travel had reduced between 80 – 90% which had had a profound effect on TfL’s income.  TfL were still actively encouraging passengers not to travel unless absolutely necessary, to support the Government’s position, in accordance with Public Health England advice.


3.            That the financial situation had resulted in TfL pausing most of its projects including those within the Local Implementation Plan. TfL required financial support from Government and had recently secured through negotiation an interim deal until September 2020 of c.£1.6bn.


4.            That as part of the financial negotiations with the Government, TfL had secured £45m of emergency funding to deliver social distancing projects in boroughs, support active forms of travel and reduce pressure on public transport at peak times. This programme was known as the London Streetspace Plan. The main focus of the Plan was outlined to Members.


5.            That Enfield had submitted bids for funding as part of the London Streetspace Plan as set out below:



LSP Type of Intervention

Total Funding Request



Fore Street footway widening

Social Distancing


Pending decision


A1010 North – completion of Cycle Enfield route

Strategic Cycling Route


£1.2m approved


CS 1 Link (A1010S to North Mid)

Strategic Cycling Route


£200k approved


Enfield Town footway widening

Social Distancing


Pending decision


Tranche 1 Modal Filters (10 Streets)

Low Traffic Neighbourhoods


Pending decision


Fox Lane LTN

Low Traffic Neighbourhoods


Pending decision


Tranche 1 School Streets (12 schools)

Low Traffic Neighbourhoods


Pending decision


GP Cycle Parking provision

Strategic Cycling Routes


Pending decision


Temporary Wayfinding

Strategic Cycling Routes


Pending decision







6.            The projects were designed to encourage active travel such as cycling and walking, deter the use of public transport and car use and provide for increased social distancing provision. The success of Enfield’s bids to date were outlined to Members. The funds were to be shared across London. There were conditions attached to the delivery of the projects with fast delivery required.


7.            In addition to funding from TfL, the Department for Transport had created an Emergency Active Travel Fund. The first tranche of funding was the potential allocation of £100k to each Borough. Boroughs had to bid to demonstrate schemes for the quick and effective use of funds to reallocate road space to cyclists and pedestrians. Fast delivery of any successful bids was required.


8.            Members expressed their thanks and appreciation to Doug Wilkinson and his team of officers for their prompt action and development of bids to meet the required criteria for fast implementation. The situation was continuing to develop quickly. It was noted that the bids to widen footpaths in town centre areas would also promote the Council’s aims to revitalise its town centres and encourage residents’ return in a safe and socially distanced way. Members and officers would continue to work together to support and revitalise the Borough’s local economy and facilitate the safe use of town centres by its residents. Transport and economic development would work together to support businesses in the town centres.


9.                  Members expressed their thanks to Doug Wilkinson (Director of Environment and Operational Services) for his informative update.