Agenda item


Tim Fellows (Chair) to present.


Feedback also to be provided by:

·         Stop & Search monitoring group

·         CCTV Monitoring group


It seems a long time since we last met in person.


As you can imaging during the lockdown things have been very different, at first many meetings were cancelled, then as the realisation dawned that this was a long-term thing more and more meetings have become virtual. Here are a few.


On 12th Feb the Chair attended the meeting with Superintendent Chris Jones at Wood Green Custody Suite where I met with several of the Harringay Ward Panel Chairs. As a result, I invited them to our next meeting. I will renew that invite when we are able to meet again in person and social distancing rules allow.


Unfortunately, a further meeting between Chris Jones and the two Chairs in North Area on 14th May was cancelled due to an incident the night before. This will be rescheduled in the future.


On 14th March just before the lockdown, Chase Ward members and DWO’s accompanied by Police Cadets carried out a weapon sweep on a local estate. This was well received by the residents and several weapons were recovered and useful intelligence received by the police of activity on the estate. Unfortunately, all press coverage was lost in the Covid messages.


The 2nd June saw the SSCB hold its meeting on Teams and on 14th July the LCP² on Zoom. There was also a painfully long telephone meeting with all the SNB chairs and MOPAC during this time.


The main item on the agenda today is the updating of our constitution, as you can see this has involved many, many emails between Sue and myself and the version we are presenting here today version 9! The chair thanked Sue for her perseverance in this process.


As this was to have been our Annual General Meeting, we should also have been electing some of the officers, this has been delayed until we are able to meet in person or at least know how many are able to attend a Teams meeting.


The grant funding for last year has been signed off and groups received their second round of funding.

This year’s grant submissions for this financial year were:

1.    ‘I Feel Good’ by ECYPS - £5,000

Working together with a range of partner agencies, we will run bi-monthly ‘I Feel Good’ sessions focussed on target groups of young people who are at risk of:

Ø  becoming involved with local gangs as a result of deprivation and / or disability

Ø  being subjected to FGM

Ø  being recruited to anti-social activity as a result of being newly arrived in Enfield – especially if they come from refugee or asylum-seeking background and from communities that have experienced exploitation, trafficking in coming to this country

Ø  hate crime as a result of identifying as LGBT

Ø  engagement in anti-social activity as a result of not being in school, education or training


2.    Love Your Doorstep Community Patrol - £5,000


The Love Your Doorstep Community Patrol Scheme is a volunteer and community project to help children feel safer during their journeys to and from school.


Both bids have been approved by MOPAC.


A few weeks ago, the Chair sent an email asking for all CAPE chairs to request a crimes and activity update from the DWO teams. The Cape Chairs in attendance from Enfield Lock, Palmers Green, Highlands and Ponders end confirmed that this was happening.


There have been no CCTV monitoring visits or meetings of the Stop and Search group due to Covid 19.


Finally, on a very sad note, we heard of the death of Councillor Chris Bond last week. Chris served faithfully on this board for several terms as well as many years of service to the residents of Enfield in a myriad of other capacities.