Agenda item


Examination of crime statistics received:

·         Current and planned police operations

·         Confidence and satisfaction

·         Target establishment on CAPE’s (including staff changes, vacant posts, anticipated timelines for replacement, etc)

·         Ward-based stats

·         Response Times, both I & S calls in Enfield and Haringey


Superintendent Chris Jones recorded his thanks for that work that Cllr Bond had done in the borough over the years and sent his best wishes to his family.


Superintendent Jones was very pleased to attend this meeting and provide updates. He hoped that in future CAPE meetings could also be held virtually. He went on to highlight the following:


·         There have been 2 homicides since the board last met. On the 17th July police were called to North Middlesex University Hospital where a male was admitted with stab wounds and later died. This is an ongoing investigation and subject to court proceedings, but 3 suspects have been charged with murder and conspiracy to commit burglary. On the 14th May a young male was shot in the head in Hertford Road, EN3. Again 3 suspects have been charged and are awaiting trial.

·         A brief overview on how COVID 19 has shaped policing was provided. This has been uncomfortable to police, but officers have tried to engage and explain the rules with enforcement being the very last option. There have been only 35 incidents of enforcement across the whole of the MPS (Metropolitan Police Service).

·         Covid has created lots of tensions in the community with lost jobs and income. Every family is affected in some way with issues such as elderly parents, children at home, financial, childcare and health worries

·         Black Lives Matter has caused difficulties for police relations. There are tensions with demonstrations and with unlicensed music events

·         Operation Hampshire is where police officers are assaulted on duty, and incidents are investigated, and charges made if necessary. Across the whole of the MPS between July 19 and June 20 there were 6670 victims which is a 24% increase on the previous 12 months and 42% of these cases involved actual physical injury. Across the Met there were 606 assaults this April, 688 this May and 791 this June.

·         Tasers have been deployed across both Enfield and Haringey on 24 occasions between April 19 and March 20. The taser has only been fired in 6% of the times that it has been aimed at a suspect. This is one of the lowest usages across the BCU’s (Basic Command Units) in London.

·         The key issues were detailed on page 10 of the agenda. Knife Crime and knife point robbery remains a concern. There are comprehensive plans around this issue, this covers the schools as well. The police will be working with Headteachers and Safeguarding leads on how young people can be protected from robbery travelling to and from school.

·         Enfield suffers high levels of burglary. There has been a shift since Covid from residential to commercial/ non-residential burglary.

·         Lethal barrelled discharges have increased across Enfield and Haringey by 27% whereas the MPS as a whole has seen a decrease of 27%. There is lots of work with heavily specialised work to target high end offending levels of street-based crime and high-end organised crime as there are more firearms in this sector.

·         The MPS Framework 2020 headings were detailed on page 11 of the agenda pack.

·         Data was provided for 12 months (June19 to May20) on the objectives of what matters most to Londoners comparing across all BCU’s. Positives were identified as a reduction in the number of knife crime victims under 25 excluding domestic abuse. But a negative on lethal barrel discharge where Enfield and Haringey (North Area) BCU is the only BCU with an increase.

·         The second 4 metrics were roughly on par against the other BCU’s. although there have been increases recently in hate crime in Enfield which is being looked at to try to pinpoint the issue.

·         More work is need on burglary and robbery, whilst MET Trace is still ongoing in high risk areas this work has been reduced by Covid. Met Trace marking has been used by schools on Ipads or laptops that have been sent home for pupils to learn on.

·         Personal robbery, Enfield has 3 of the top 4 wards that have the highest percentage increase in offences across the 2 boroughs. Whilst the numbers are smaller this is an area of concern and more police attention is being focused on this both on a prevention and proactive basis.

·         Upper Edmonton is the only Enfield ward in the top 4 of highest number of offences. This is already one of the key wards for policing.

·         The stats were provided in the charts for the last 2 rolling years the ward data would be circulated for 12 months. The Ward crime stats that were previously provided will also be sent separately to the CAPE’s.

·         Knife crime offences show whilst Enfield Lock has a 25% decrease in percentage terms; Bush hill Park shows a large percentage increases although the actual numbers are small.

·         Superindent Jones suggested that he arranges a meeting of all CAPE Chairs and Vice Chairs on Teams, and this was agreed.

·         SNB Members raised concerns on car crimes and children suffering at home. Inspector Crawshaw agreed to circulate general crime stats for each ward.

·         Police schools’ officers have been making welfare checks with safeguarding leads and checking on the young people where there was already a concern.

·         Lessons have continued for Police cadets, 20% of which come from diversionary backgrounds.

·         Operation Taipan is looking at drugs within blighted communities; linking up the intelligence and building an overall strategic picture. This team was previously on secondment and has received lots of high-end training and is made up of 1 sergeant and 10 police constables. The aim is to issue a drug warrant every day across Enfield and Haringey. This team will be targeting the low end and middle market drug dealing. Above this is dealt with by the National Crime Agency

·         Operation Boxer is around the sex workers on Fore Street involving joint working with partners, charities, UK Border force, immigration and the Local Authority. This work is 2-3 days every month. This is resourced on a permanent basis with the BOXER team working very late shifts and the SNT teams picking up daytime activity.

·         Following lobbying the BCU now has another dedicated Chief Inspector-Chris Byrne.

·         A young person’s Advisory group has been set up across both boroughs. This consists of 10 young people from each borough, 10 female, 10 male all aged between 10-13. There are 5 young black people and the rest are split demographics. The police are now looking to bring in other groups such as children in care and will also involve both the Young Mayor and Young Deputy Mayor.