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Covid-19 in Enfield Update


i.              Epidemiology and outlook – PH Intelligence Team. Gayan Perera, Darya Bordbar and Roseanna Kennedy-Smith


ii.            For information. Tiers and restrictions in Enfield – Sue McDaid, Head of Regulation Services & Corporate H&S LBE


iii.           Care home testing and visiting support at Christmas – Des O’Donoghue, Brokerage and Market Development Manager


iv.           School status report. – Peter Nathan, Director of Education LBE



i.             Epidemiology and Outlook


RECEIVED the presentation, Enfield Covid-19 Dashboard, providing an update and analysis of Covid-19 related data in Enfield from LBE Public Health Intelligence.




1.    Introduction by Gayan Perera, LBE Public Health Intelligence Team, on the latest infection rates in Enfield and rates per 100,000 people, which were on a decreasing trend but slightly higher than London and England rates. Enfield’s testing rates were also high.

2.    Most recent information on deaths and hospital admissions, and trends in care homes, domiciliary care, and schools.

3.    Distribution of cases across the borough was shown, and changes through August to the present time.

4.    The biggest risk factor was age and underlying conditions.

5.    In summary, overall trends were declining however there was concern about vulnerable communities.


ii.            Tiers and Restrictions in Enfield


RECEIVED the update presentation on Covid-19 enforcement and contact tracing.




6.    The Chair’s confirmation that for consistency of messaging and the benefits of all the boroughs being aligned, London continuing to move as one in respect of the tier system was supported.

7.    Introduction by Sue McDaid, LBE Head of Regulatory Services, of work being done locally to support contact tracing and to check business compliance with Covid requirements.

8.    The move back into tier 2 / Covid alert level high would involve some slightly strengthened business requirements.

9.    It was confirmed that the system of fines for non-compliance was incremental and could be very high for businesses continuing to offend.


iii.          Care Home Testing and Visiting Support at Christmas


RECEIVED a verbal update presented by Doug Wilson, LBE Health, Housing and Adult Social Care.




10. Over 60% of care homes in Enfield had outbreaks in April and a significant number of residents had died. Thankfully, infection rates and numbers of deaths were going down.

11. It was difficult to quantify, but there were significant impacts from restriction of physical visitations and contact with family members and their loved ones in care homes. Rapid testing kits had now been received to mobilise within days to enable physical visitations to resume.

12. Assurance was provided of the accuracy of rapid lateral flow tests, particularly if a negative result was shown.

13. Visitors to care homes would still be required to wear PPE and to socially distance. Homes were receiving guidance on the processes to be followed. Each care home must risk assess arrangements for visiting.


iv.          School Status Report


RECEIVED a briefing paper Covid and the re-opening of schools.




14. The Chair would welcome regular testing for teachers and support staff in schools to help quicker return to work and therefore easing of pressure.

15. Introduction by Peter Nathan, LBE Director of Education, clarifying operation of schools, current infection rates, and the challenges faced.

16. It was likely there would be issues into the Spring term.

17. The regular briefings were extremely well attended. Procedures, including the risk assessment of every aspect of school life, had worked well and were kept under constant review.

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