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Build the Change Programme

A report from the Executive Director Place is attached. (Key decision – reference number 5280)


(This item contains exempt information as defined in Paragraph 3 (information relating to the financial or business affairs of any particular person – including the authority holding that information) of Schedule 12A to the Local Government Act 1972, as amended).



Councillor Mary Maguire (Cabinet Member for Finance and Procurement) introduced the report of the Executive Director Place.




1.            That the report provided an update on the positive progress of the Build the Change programme in relation to the Housing Hub and Children and Family Services Hub.


2.            The proposals for the next phase of the Programme, as set out in detail in the report.


3.            That Cabinet were reminded of the purpose of the Build the Change Programme and its aims and objectives as set out in detail in paragraphs 18 to 24 of the report. The programme would create a modern Council with fewer but better equipped buildings designed to meet the needs of services and its residents.


4.            The detailed information provided regarding the development of the Edmonton Green Housing Hub; Thomas Hardy House Children and Family Services Hub; and the Civic Centre Business Hub.


5.            The proposals in relation to the future of the Claverings industrial estate which was no longer fit for purpose. Buildings on the estate would not achieve the necessary energy efficiency standards required by law in 2023. The Council currently occupied 39% of the estate with the remainder leased to businesses and other organisations, as detailed in the report. It was recommended that the Council staff currently based at Claverings would be relocated to the Civic Centre as part of the Build the Change Programme.


6.            That options for the future of the Claverings estate, as set out in the report, would be considered alongside the ongoing disposals strategy and presented to a future Cabinet meeting for consideration and decision in due course


7.            That in line with the Council’s new Culture Strategy, the Civic Centre would also form part of the Borough’s cultural infrastructure, including the relocation of the Local Studies and Archive to the ground floor.


8.            The recommendation for the development of a Mental Health Wellbeing Hub (paragraphs 40 to 45 of the report referred). A detailed business case, including the location of the new hub, would be developed and brought forward for a decision in due course.


9.            That the funding approvals sought in the proposals of the report were in accordance with the Council’s approved Capital 10-year programme.


10.         The in-principle decisions sought at this stage. Further reports would be presented to Cabinet in due course on the business case for the potential disposal of the Claverings estate and, the development of a Mental Health Wellbeing Hub.


11.         In response to questions raised, Fay Hammond, Executive Director Resources, set out the detailed financial implications for the three potential options for the future of the Claverings Estate as outlined in the report. There was a strong business case for the proposed way forward. The revenue and capital implications of the Build the Change Programme had been incorporated with the Council’s budget setting processes. A further detailed report would be presented to a future Cabinet meeting.


12.         Members supported the proposals and highlighted the value of bringing services together in Hubs. Future service provision would be modern, accessible, and fit for purpose, for the benefit of both the Council, its staff, residents and service users. The recommendations were financially sound. The Build the Change Programme had potential wide-reaching and long-term benefits for the Borough and would facilitate investment and improvements.


Alternative Options Considered: None.


DECISION: The Cabinet agreed to


1.            Note the allocations in the Council’s approved Capital 10-year programme for the Build the Change programme of £10.7m in 2021/22 and £15.2m in 2022/23, £6.7m in 2023/24 and £6.9m in 2024/25.


2.            Approve the spend of £14.5m in 2022/23 and £0.7m in 2023/24 in accordance with this approved Capital 10-year programme at the Council to deliver completion of the Housing Hub at Edmonton Green, the Children and Families Hub at Thomas Hardy House and improvements to the ground to fourth floors of A Block and to D Block at the Civic Centre.


3.            Delegate authority to the Director of Property and Economy in consultation with the Executive Director Resources, to procure consultants and contractors in accordance with Contract Procedure Rules as necessary to deliver the programme.


4.            Approve the principle of a disposal of the Claverings industrial estate to facilitate its redevelopment to provide modern, energy efficient employment space. The proposed disposals route and business case would be the subject of a Cabinet report to follow.


5.            Approve the principle of a new Mental Health and Wellbeing Hub, which would provide an easy point of access for any person who had care and support needs for their mental health, and any person who cares for someone with mental health needs. Under these proposals staff from the Integrated Mental Health Service currently located at 58-60 Silver Street (Enfield Town) and the first floor of Park Avenue (near Enfield Town) would be brought together in a single location (currently to be determined following an options appraisal), to deliver in a new re-provisioned community hub service.


Reason: NOTED, the detailed reasons for the proposals as listed below:

·         To modernise and streamline the Council’s property estate, enabling it to operate from fewer but better equipped buildings which were designed to meet the specific needs of residents, services and staff.

·         To provide the necessary IT infrastructure to enable modern working practices which were agile and flexible.

·         To support a longer-term approach to capital investment in the Council’s assets, supporting further analysis, business case development and financial modelling to create a 10-year plan.

·         To ensure savings and income identified in the Medium-Term Financial Plan could be delivered.

·         To enable investment in the Council’s property estate, by generating savings, increasing income and/or producing capital receipts where appropriate.

(Key decision – reference number 5280)

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