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A report from the Executive Director Resources is attached. (Non key)


Councillor Nesil Caliskan (Leader), in the absence of Councillor Ian Barnes (Deputy Leader), introduced the report of the Executive Director Resources presenting the quarter 3 report on the Corporate Performance Scorecard reflecting the Council priorities outlined in the Council Business Plan.




1.            That Appendix 1 to the report showed the quarter three performance for 2020/21 (October to December 2020) and compared it to the Council’s performance across the previous four quarters for a series of key performance indicators. Members noted the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic during this period when Council services had been impacted. The Council had however remained “open for business” and had provided additional support to its residents in order to meet the needs of the most vulnerable during this challenging period.


2.            Examples of positive areas of improving performance were highlighted including Children’s Social Care, Adult Social Care, Telephone services, and, Housing Benefits. The full performance information presented was noted by Members.


3.            That Appendix 2 focused on a selection of priority measures where performance was currently off target and/or direction of travel was negative. For each measure an action plan had been provided to demonstrate what was being done in each service area to address underperformance.


4.            That during quarter 3, 28% of recorded sickness absence had been Covid-19 related with the frontline workforce having been most affected.


5.            The information presented regarding Temporary Accommodation and the detailed action plan. This was a continuing area of pressure as set out in the report. Total numbers in temporary accommodation had dropped slightly from their height in August 2020 but remained slightly higher than at the start of the year. This had been due to the large intake of people into temporary accommodation during the first lockdown “Everyone in Policy”, and the difficulty in securing move on accommodation. The detailed action plan was noted together with the future pressures, including an anticipated increased number of applications arising as a result of evictions that had been delayed during the pandemic.


6.            Additional resources had been directed to meet the demands of Adult Social Care reviews, as outlined in the report. The performance indicators had been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and the challenges faced were highlighted. The actions proposed to bring performance levels back to normal were explained. The Council would continue to work with its NHS partners.


7.            Members took this opportunity to recognise the incredibly difficult year that had been experienced by everyone and, praised Officers for their continued dedication and commitment to supporting the Borough’s residents during the pandemic. Officers had successfully met the challenges faced and ensured that the Council had continued to provide essential services and, had met additional demands placed upon them. In addition, the volunteers that had come forward to meet community needs were praised and their valuable contribution recognised.


Alternative Options Considered: Not to report regularly on the Council’s performance in a public report. This would make it difficult to assess progress made on achieving the Council’s main priorities and to demonstrate the value for money being provided by council services.


DECISION: The Cabinet agreed to note, for information only, the progress being made towards delivering the key priority indicators for Enfield.


Reason: This report was part of the quarterly timetable for Cabinet to review performance.

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