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Update on Enfield Health Inequalities Activity Including Discussion of Poverty Reduction Plans

Ruth Donaldson and Sarah D’Souza, Enfield CCG, and Dudu Sher-Arami, Shaun Rogan, Harriet Potemkin and Mark Tickner, LB Enfield.


i.              To include IPC inequalities board activity. (Paper To Follow – Attached)

ii.            Pandemic activity around rough sleepers.  (Papers Attached)

iii.           Enfield Poverty Reduction Strategy.

iv.           Review of Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy.


i.             Update on Enfield Poverty and Inequality Commission


RECEIVED the update on progress. The slide deck was available in the meeting agenda pack.




1.    Presentation by Shaun Rogan, Head of Corporate Strategy, and Harriet Potemkin, Head of Strategy and Policy, LB Enfield.

2.    The independent commission had reported in January 2020, with 27 recommendations.

3.    There had been good progress in the first year and a plan of action for 2021/22.

4.    Those recommendations most relevant to the Board were highlighted.

5.    Recommendation 5 related to an NHS funded new integrated health and wellbeing centre. It was confirmed that the Masterplan for the redevelopment of North Middlesex University Hospital included potential for a new primary care centre on the site.

6.    Social prescribing programmes were being delivered in response to Recommendation 6.

7.    Recommendation 7 related to food poverty. Work with partners continued to provide isolated people and vulnerable families with food and essential items.

8.    There had been progress in addressing Recommendation 8 to prioritise the East of the borough for play streets and school streets.

9.    In the ‘Learning’ section, Recommendation 12 was highlighted, as it needed partnership working to ensure all Enfield’s children were ‘school-ready’. Similarly, in the ‘Earning’ section, Recommendation 24 related to extending access to benefits advice and support around debt and good credit.

10. In the budget, two sets of funding would launch in 2021/22 to help deliver the recommendations.




11. The Chair welcomed the assurances around the work being done, and noted that the Board would be kept updated. This was an opportunity to narrow the inequalities in the borough, and partnership working was crucial.

12. Bindi Nagra advised that his team would be leading on the Enfield Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy Fund, and this would be very helpful for voluntary sector projects. The primary care hub was also important and should be progressed in a timely fashion.


ii.            Update on Enfield Health Inequalities Plan


RECEIVED the ICP Inequalities Workstream : Progress Update.




13. The update by Dudu Sher-Arami, LBE Consultant in Public Health and Ruth Donaldson, Director of Communities, NCL CCG.

14. Since the last Board meeting, there had been agreement for a jointly funded programme of work including community participatory research, community champions and community chest. The procurement process would be complete by the end of the financial year.

15. An update on progress would be provided to the next Board meeting.


iii.          Review of Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy




16. The verbal update from Dudu Sher-Arami, LBE Consultant in Public Health.

17. The strategy’s themes were still relevant in the current climate and the post-Covid situation. Nevertheless it was felt there was a need to review the JHWS and to ensure a greater focus on inequality. Review proposals would be presented to the next Board meeting.


iv.          Homeless Health in North London / Rough Sleeping in Enfield


RECEIVED the update presented by Joanne Drew, Director of Housing and Regeneration, LB Enfield, Ruth Donaldson, and Katie MacDonald, Registrar in Public Health. Slides were included in the agenda pack.




18. Housing was a key driver of public health. Ill health could be part of leading to homelessness, and homelessness was associated with very poor health outcomes.

19. Before the pandemic Enfield had a rising problem with rough sleeping and homelessness and during the pandemic numbers had gone up. Numbers in temporary accommodation had risen significantly in Enfield for several reasons.

20. During the pandemic the local authority housed or supported large numbers at short notice, and the costs involved continued to put pressure on the Council.

21. Covid emergency funding was ending, but demand for housing and support services to non-statutory priority groups continued.

22. Work continued in partnership and co-operation with the CCG. The multi-agency approach was successful.

23. There was Covid vaccination for the homeless across North Central London.

24. There would be a focus on dealing with encampments and its organisers over the coming months.




25. In response to queries, it was confirmed that the current eviction ban would end in May and plans were in place to manage an expected surge in service demand.

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