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A report from the Executive Director Place is attached. (Key decision – reference number 5293)


Councillor Nesil Caliskan (Leader) introduced the report of the Executive Director Place in respect of the Meridian Water Community Chest Fund, its governance and ambitions.




1.    The key ambitions were to ensure that local communities were primary beneficiaries from the Meridian Water development, and that the neighbouring Edmonton wards would be lifted out of the top 10% most deprived in the UK.

2.    The conditions for working with the local authority for the private sector were making contributions towards social value, and the Community Chest was a way of capturing this.

3.    The programme would help deliver against the recommendations for the community and voluntary sector as set out in the Enfield Poverty and Inequality Commission Report.

4.    The programme would start from September 2021, with the first grants hoped to be awarded in Spring 2022.


Alternative Options Considered: 

  A full analysis of the potential for wholly external grant fund distribution was undertaken (i.e fully allocated to an external body to disseminate) but the need for the Council to retain control over the budget and process long term was identified of being the most practical, flexible and sensible approach, not least that further grant contributions in the future from other developers, contractors and tenants/occupiers will boost the fund and extend the longevity of the process.

  The MW Community Chest Fund closely aligns itself with that of the NCIL Enfield Neighbourhood Fund via criteria and nature of projects but is a distinct process due to the nature of the funding received to deliver the programme and that the focus is on the three Edmonton Wards only initially. The potential of the funds to develop significant strategic projects bids is acknowledged and officers of the Council will seek to cross reference allocations, projects, successful bids and other outcomes in regular meetings.


DECISION:  The Cabinet agreed to

1.  Agree the allocation of funding secured and received by the Council from Meridian Water contractors, developers and consultants for the purposes of a long-term rolling Meridian Water ‘Community Chest Grants Fund’. This fund will be distributed to communities of the three Edmonton Wards by means of a grant funding programme. These organisations or even informal groups with a constitution or Terms of Reference can apply for funding to address a community need in their area. It is envisaged that this funding programme will run throughout the lifetime of Meridian Water’s development attracting contributions from developers/ partners yet to be appointed.

2.  Approve the governance details as set out at Appendix 1 of the report.

3.  Delegate approval of the final formal documentation for the grant scheme (including applicant guidance notes; scoring assessment forms; application form templates; grant agreement template and other ancillary documentation) to the Director of Meridian Water in consultation with the Director of Law and Governance.

4.  Approve that the decision making as to a successful application will be made by the Executive Director for Place via recommendations from officers and community representatives.

5.  Approve the allocation of the remaining balance of the Vistry Community Benefits Contribution as set out in paragraph 22 of the report.

6.  Approve the allocation of up to 2.5% per annum from the Community Chest Fund to fund the promotion of the Community Chest Grant scheme, the provision of advice and support to potential grant applicants and ongoing monitoring of delivery of grant objectives. Approve the award of a one year contract with Enfield Voluntary Action (EVA) to provide such services during the first year of operation of the Community Chest Fund. Note that thereafter the decision regarding the administration of the funding will be made by Director – Meridian Water.

7.  To note that the Community Chest programme and documentation and EVA support will be reviewed annually; in terms of outputs, outcomes, value for money and expenditure, an annual report will be published.


Reason:  NOTED the detailed reasons for the proposals as set out in paragraphs 13 to 16 of the report.


(Key decision – reference number 5293)

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