Agenda item


Tim Fellows (Chair) to present.


Feedback also to be provided by:

·         Stop & Search monitoring group

·         CCTV Monitoring group


Hate Crime: The Hate Crime Forum Management Group continues to meet virtually. There have been several meetings on how to take forward the Case Management Panel (CMP) and it finally met last week testing out its new structure. There were a few teething issues, but I think they will be easily overcome. There has been a 24.2% increase in race & religious hate crime and a 7.3% increase in homophobic hate crimes and in the 12 months ending July. Transgender stayed unchanged and disability fell by 37.9%.

In that last quarter I have meet with our new BCU Commander, attended two LCP² zoom meeting, the Safer & Stronger Communities Board, Crime Scrutiny Panel and attended training on modern day slavery.

The North Area Violence Reduction Group has met, and Janet is attending on our behalf.

Highway CAPE met and unfortunately our Chair announced that he was stepping down. I am in the process of organising the next meeting at which a new chair will be elected.


Yesterday I attended the Borough Commanders Commendation Ceremony at Forty Hall. It was a very good afternoon and good to see our local police being recognised for their good work. Superintendent Chris Jones had also attended the event and he commented that it had been a great opportunity for the Borough Commander to reward where Police Officers had gone over and above their call of duty. He added that he felt there was a need to expand even further on these types of event to recognise even more staff and officers for the invaluable work that they do. It had also been great to see Officers’ families attending as they are often impacted too by what happens on the shift.


MOPAC funding. To everyone’s complete amazement MOPAC announced there would be funding this year but announced it so late that there was little time to submit bids. We were able to get one bid in under the wire, which was successful, but to date no PO numbers have been released to be able to claim this year’s money. As you can imagine the chairs from all SNB’s are complaining about the situation.


On a sad note this will probably be the last meeting for our SNB Treasurer Sheila Stacey. Sheila has served on the Board and as a CAPE Chair for many years. Sheila’s dedication and wisdom will be sorely missed.


Stop & Search Monitoring Group

Janet Marshall has now been elected as Chair of this group and Janet Evans as Vice-Chair. A new Police Inspector has also been linked to the group and there are lots of plans ahead.


CCTV Monitoring Group

Tim provided some background information on the role of the CCTV Monitoring Group and explained that the Council had wanted some independent scrutiny of the CCTV cameras therefore the SNB provide volunteers who visit the CCTV centre in groups of two to view the cameras and provide feedback. These visits had been put on the back burner during COVID but would now resume.