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Councillor Question Time

Members are asked to note the questions submitted for written response. Responses to the questions will be published the day before the meeting.


Members of the Council noted the written councillor questions and answers to their supplementary questions.


It was noted that Councillor Gunawardena’s urgent question would receive a written answer after the meeting.


Members asked the below supplementary questions:


Question 1, Councillor Taylor to Councillor Cazimoglu:

What is being done to deal with the pressures at A&E departments across the country?

The NHS is under huge pressure with tax payer’s money being spent as private hospitals. Ambulances are waiting outside hospitals with patients. Concerns have been raised with the CCG, NHS and North Middlesex Hospital around this. A triage system is being introduced to help with emergencies, GP access will be able to be booked for face to face appointments whilst accessing the risk of patients waiting for longer period of time. The A&E Delivery Board are reviewing the rapid response activity in the community and re-direction activity. A wider sub group is being set up to review waiting times.


Question 2, Councillor Laban to Councillor Barnes:

No supplementary question.


Question 3, Councillor Levy to Councillor Barnes: How the Climate Action Group was considered a response to the climate emergency declaration?

There are many climate emergency groups in Enfield and the Climate Action Group includes many, but not all of these.


Question 4, Councillor E.Erbil to Councillor Cazimoglu: What plans have the Government included in the Social Care reform announcement to address work force issues which will be impacted by mandatory vaccinations of health care staff?

The health and social care bill is silent on the issue of workforce. NHS workers are extremely fragile due to the lack of funding over many years. This means the NHS is unable to meet the current demands and adequately reward their workforces.


Question 5, Councillor Laban to Councillor Caliskan: The Mayor of London’s response to the Local Plan consultation asks the Council to take a brownfield site first, criticizing the current approach. Will Councillor Caliskan take a brownfield approach to the Local Plan and redact plans to build on the green belt?

The draft Local Plan recognises the “brownfield sites first” approach, and recognises the there is a huge amount green belt and industrial land in the borough which creates challenges to meet the housing targets. The current approach helps create needed homes in the borough and meet the housing targets. Members were urged to read the draft Local Plan and put forward brownfield sites that have yet to be identified. Locations have been found that are well connected to create homes.


Question 6, Councillor Levy to Councillor Jewel: Is it right to say that at the moment the LED lights compared to Haringey are less luminescent and how does this provide safety to residents walking in residential streets?

Further information on whether these lights a less bright, in particularly light 6, and this will be provided to the Councillor.


Question 7, Councillor Leaver to Councillor Maguire: Has the ongoing impact of Covid-19 been reflected in the future funding?

No announcement has been made by the Government relating to this which is disappointing that no Covid-19 future cost pressures. During 2019, the Council has created a Covid-19 reserve to deliver on a Government shortfall.


Question 8, Councillor Laban to Councillor Caliskan: Will the plans for the incinerator in Enfield be paused and reviewed following comments the plans are too large for London’s needs, and the increase in costs?

The costs associated with the facility are much higher than when the plan was proposed 10 years ago and the NLWA’s work in 2019 to review the costs was welcomed. The Council will call on NLWA to control and monitor the spend and have an oversight on the spend as it is a significant amount of public money.


Question 9, Councillor Barry to Councillor Maguire: Did officers work for free on the councillor complaint mentioned in the original question?

Allegations and complaints are taken seriously by members and officers. The complaint was dealt with and that is officers time. There is a need for proper investigation. Councillor Maguire will inform Councillor Barry of the external costs of the investigation.


Question 10, Councillor Guzel to Councillor Maguire: How did the roll out of universal credit impact residents in Enfield?

Poverty is a big issue in the borough. A new target has been set for universal credit for March 2022. Residents will be supported to ensure their benefits are maxed. Half of residents who receive Council Tax support also receive Universal Credit.


Question 11, Councillor Laban to Councillor Caliskan: Are all councillors across the political parties are involved in the plans to celebrate the Queen’s jubilee?

Yes, all Councillors will be involved and everyone is looking forward to the additional bank holiday.


Question 12, Councillor Barry to Councillor Jewell: What is being done to get recycling figures to 20% target?

Lockdowns have meant that figures are currently low. Work is taking place to reconnect with communities following Covid-19. Communal bins in the borough are an area of focus with trials taking place in flats. A Waste & Recycling Board has been set up to look at how to further improve this. Schools are being visited by Enforcement Teams to talk to pupils about recycling, and reducing waste.


Question 13, Councillor Aksanoglu to Councillor Needs: Are you able to provide the figures on investment for the improvements? Councillor Caliskan answered this question in Councillor Needs absence.

There is a huge programme over five years of £25million to uplift the Council’s housing stock in the borough. The Building Safety Team are responsible for looking at this. Fire safety is important to the Council and a sprinkler programme is being worked on.


Question 14, Councillor Laban to Councillor Jewell: No supplementary question.


Question 15, Councillor Barry to Councillor Anolue: Requested the numbers of what embodied carbon is being reduced to.

This information will be sent to Councillor Barry following the meeting.


Question 16, Councillor Dogan to Councillor Barnes: No supplementary question.


Question 17, Councillor Laban to Councillor Maguire: When will community groups be able to use the Civic Centre rooms again?

Once the next phase of the Build the Change programme is complete members will be updated on this.


Question 18, Councillor Anderson to Councillor Caliskan: What will be done to ensure the Planning Committee will be able to approve applications which support affordable housing?

The Council cannot control what the private sector submits to Planning Committee. Over the last three years pre-application processes have been improved to ensure applications are better in line with Council policy and design. The Design Panel allows applicants to be more in line with borough wide styles and supports residents wishes for “beautiful buildings”.


Question 19, Councillor Hamilton to Councillor Barnes: Asked about the Arts Council England and Enfield Council.

Enfield have been chosen by the Arts Council England to be one of 54 “priority places”. Enfield has been highlighted for a place for arts council engagement and investment. Enfield and the Arts Council are engaging in further conversations. There are a new Culture Team in place who are fantastic. The Culture Palace is receiving positive feedback from residents. Representatives from community groups will work with the Council to discuss how they’d like to see things improve around culture.


Question 20, Councillor Rawlings to Councillor Jewell: How will less food waste be presented at door stop bin collections:

Residents will be educated on how to use less and recycle more. The Council is not able to patrol what, or how much, people eat.


Question 21, Councillor Anderson to Councillor Caliskan: Only 54% of targets were met between 2018 and 2020. How will this be improved?

Members on the Council’s regulatory committees should vote how they deem appropriate based on each application. Without their approval these will not be built. The Council is on track to meet its remaining targets.


Question 22, Councillor Stewart to Councillor Barnes: Why are the Enfield Conservative Group against central Government policy on tackling climate change?

The Government have funded 100’s of low traffic neighbourhoods and it is felt that opposition to school streets is a shame. Members were asked to propose alternative schemes they felt would be suitable.


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