Agenda item

Trent Park Update


RECEIVED an update on Trent Park from Marcus Harvey (Head of Parks, Open Spaces and Leisure).  The following topics were discussed:


Showground: - this 10-acre space is situated adjacent to Limes Avenue and is utilised for events programme for Parks.  Remedial works have been necessary after public events this summer and return to public use expected February 2022.


Thames Water: currently redirecting water project taking place.  There is a temporary pipeline erected with a permanent underground installation due by July 2022 outside the memorial gardens.


Car Parks:  There are two accessible car parks at Cockfosters Road entrance, the main one has a 60-car capacity and repairs to which started 23rd Nov 2021 in three phases to allow continued use, works anticipated to take four weeks. The Woodland car park having a 70-car capacity, with 4-week repair schedule (full closure) proposed for early 2022 start, subject to planning permission. 


·         Remaining car parks at Hadley Road (repairs to be completed by early 2022, directly by LBE) and Snakes Lane (closed to public during Berkley Homes development and owned by Berkley homes also).


Improved cycle storage and security will be considered as part of the overall scheme, of repairing the car parks at Cockfosters entrance


Natural England (Higher Level Stewardship): Trent Park has a shrubland maintenance in place with the current agreement with Natural England which ends in 2021 with a review meeting scheduled for 6th December. Other locations included in agreement include Oakwood, Forty Hall and Hillyfields and with the support of Natural England we will look to expand on the agreement




IN RESPONSE, the following comments were received:


1.  Following the public events on the showground area of the Park this summer, when remedial work has been necessary, the future events schedule has not yet been agreed. Although the event’s organisers paid for the damages, it has meant the area has been out of use for many months now. The Council’s focus has been to get the ground back to a reasonable condition, weather permitting.


2.  In respect of Thames Water, it was noted that the reservoirs were based underwater near the water tower. Driving a temporary road under the water tower did not account for enough arboriculture surveys to determine the damage that might be caused.  Enfield to speak to Thames Water and provide a thorough reporting line, with tree stocks to be replaced.  Action: Marcus


Water Tower needs screening from industrial equipment. Dennis Stacey to share consultation report with Marcus. Action: Dennis Stacey


3.  Marcus Harvey to address any issues with the cleaning and restocking of the toilets.


4.  It has not been decided yet how many cycle storage areas are to be installed. The areas have been confirmed as adjacent to the toilets or Cockfosters Car Park.


5.  In the Parks Consultation, the document shows events policy is still in place. This is because Natural England provide a small fee and small income for Enfield and focuses on best practice.   The Parks management plan is audited by Natural England.