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Motion in the name of Councillor Maria Alexandrou

Cervical screening is a way for women to protect themselves from cancer. The sad reality is that fewer women are now having cervical screening. Last year 1.3m women didn’t attend NHS screenings. There are 3,200 new cases of cervical cancer every year and of those 870 women die from it.


According to CANCER RESEARCH UK 99.8% of cases are preventable. When Jade Goody fought her cancer battle, nearly 80% of women went for smear tests.10 years later, only 72% of women go. If this rate falls any lower, the rise in deaths will shoot up. In the case of Jade Goody, she ignored letters about her abnormal cells. She needed to go to hospital for surgery to remove those abnormal cells, surgery which most probably would have saved her life.


Many young women in their 20s and 30s are dying from cervical cancer and the tragedy is they are leaving behind their partners and young children.  We need to encourage everyone to look after their health and have regular check-ups. Enfield Council therefore agrees to work together with other agencies for a local campaign on cervical cancer awareness and encourage women to attend that important screening test. It only takes 5 minutes at the doctor’s surgery and this test can save your life.


Motion in the name of Councillor Chris Joannides

This Council will sign up to the Miscarriage Association's Pregnancy Loss Pledge to tackle the stigma associated with miscarriage and supports the campaign which wants to introduce paid leave for families who experience a miscarriage.


Miscarriage is the most common kind of pregnancy loss, affecting around one in four pregnancies in the UK.


The Council recognises the emotional trauma and loss suffered by parents as a result of stillbirths and miscarriages. As such, Enfield Council aims to improve support for parents by encouraging work environments where employers show empathy and understanding so employees who have been impacted do not have to use sick or annual holiday leave.


Motion in the name of Councillor Chris Dey

Enfield Council congratulates Her Majesty The Queen on her Platinum Jubilee. On her 21st Birthday Her Majesty made a speech to the entire Commonwealth that she would devote her life of service to her people. She has truly lived up to this ever since and we celebrate with her and thank her for her life of service to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the entire Commonwealth.


Motion in the name of Councillor Adrian Grumi

Following the speeches by the Mayor and Deputy Leader regarding their support for serving personnel, veterans and cadets in the borough at this years Armed Forces Day Event, Enfield as a borough join many other councils and organisations across the UK in renewing our Armed Forces Covenant that was first signed in 2012.


Motion in the name of Councillor Joanne Laban

This chamber calls on the Deputy Mayor for Policing to resign after the Metropolitan Police Service was placed in a form of special measures by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire and Rescue Services (HMICFRS).  Enfield has a high level of serious youth violence so it is a necessity that the Metropolitan Police Service is operating at its best. The Metropolitan Police Service requires new leadership at political and operational level to deliver the improvements it needs to combat crime across London. 


Motion in the name of Councillor Stephanos Ioannou

Council notes that on 4th March the Mayor of London announced his plan to expand the Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) from its current boundary of the North and South Circulars to cover almost all of Greater London, including Enfield. These plans would see the ULEZ expanded by 29th August 2023.


Council notes that, whilst the ULEZ was originally introduced covering the same area and with the same boundaries as the Congestion Charge Zone, on 25th October 2021 it was expanded by 18 times its original size to its current boundaries. Council therefore notes that this significant change took place less than a year ago and that the ramifications have yet to be fully assessed.


Council notes that expansion would mean that those with non-compliant vehicles would pay £12.50 per day to drive within the ULEZ. Residents would be forced to pay more to get to work, visit friends and family and take advantage of Enfield's local businesses and high streets. This could cost jobs, damage the social fabric of Enfield, and encourage businesses to locate elsewhere.


Council notes this would be a regressive tax, as the less well-off are disproportionately penalised. Council further notes that this expansion would mean many more areas with poor public transport would be included within the zone; this is fundamentally unfair on those Enfield residents, who would be unable to afford to keep or replace their car and would thus be forced to rely on inadequate levels of public transport.


Therefore, Council opposes measures to push up the cost of living in Enfield by imposing taxes and charges on Enfieldresidents who rely on motor vehicles without providing them with realistic alternatives. Council notes that the Mayor of London has set aside almost £400 million towards expanding the ULEZ and related projects, and suggests this money would be better spent on such measures as:


- a faster upgrade to a zero-emission bus fleet;

- increasing the roll out of rapid charging points.

- encouraging more freight consolidation schemes.

- bringing back the previous Boiler Cashback Scheme to encourage Londoners to upgrade their boilers to reduce household emissions

- financing a generous scrappage scheme to support Londoners in replacing their vehicles


Council calls on the Leader to send a letter to the Mayor of London calling on him to withdraw his planned ULEZ expansion and instead, to focus the almost £400 million that he has set aside for it on fairer and more effective ways of improving London’s air quality. 


Motion in the name of Cllr Nesil Caliskan

Enfield Council is committed to supporting Ukrainian nationals placed in our borough and we pay tribute to the generosity of the people of Enfield who have offered to share their homes as part of the Homes for Ukraine scheme. To date 119 Ukrainian refugees, including 28 children, have been placed in Enfield. 


Enfield Council will continue to offer our full support to Ukraine refugees, and we call on the government to prioritise the safeguarding of refugees and to provide further links to wider support networks nationally.


Motion in the name of Cllr Ergin Erbil

Enfield Council has already established a clear record of commitment to Climate Action. The planting of 100,000 trees over the last two years as part of the Enfield Chase Woodland Restoration Project, the largest woodland creation project in London, was recently given the Trees & Water Award by the Forestry Commission.


Enfield Council has also recently introduced beavers as part of our rewilding agenda. We were saddened to learn that one of the beavers died from natural causes. The council are actively planning to introduce a new beaver at the appropriate season.


We note our thanks to local and national partners, such as the Beaver Trust, Capel Manor College and Forty Hall Farm for their efforts in making the project happen.


Enfield Council will also work to deliver similar projects to further enhance our environment to support the green agenda and animal welfare, such as the reintroduction of cattle.


Motion in the name of Cllr Doug Taylor

Council reaffirms its support for Crossrail 2 as a project which can generate growth for the borough and improve connectivity both into central London but also Northwards.


It is for Government and Mayor of London to create the opportunities for the project, but Enfield will give its support.


Motion in the name of Cllr Alev Cazimoglu

The Adult Social Care Reforms announced by the government have been a long time coming.


Given the delay in getting the legislation through Parliament, a significant amount of work remains to be done in a relatively short period of time.


Despite the proposed introduction of the Care Cap for some older people, in some parts of the country, it will do nothing for those of working age who have disabilities or other care needs, or for unpaid carers.


There is no significant new funding to end delays and stabilise the system, no clear and costed transformational plan for social care and no workforce strategy or improved pay and conditions for 1.5 million care workers.


This Council calls on the government to rethink these reforms to include a comprehensive plan to address all the issues facing the sector.


Motion in the name of Cllr Chinelo Anyanwu

The London Borough of Enfield marked the Queen's Platinum Jubilee with street parties and public events across the borough, including lighting of the beacon outside the Library Green in Enfield Town.


Enfield Council congratulates Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on her platinum jubilee. We offer our heartfelt thank you for her 70 years of public service and sacrifice. 


Motion in the name of Cllr Rick Jewell

Enfield Council condemns the Conservative government’s failure to enter into negotiations and assist in the talks that could bring an end to the long running dispute between the rail operators and RMT union.


Johnson, Sunak and Shapps would rather sit back and sow seeds of division.  Enfield Council calls in Boris Johnson's government to instigate a meeting and meaningful discussions that could bring about an agreeable resolution to this dispute.

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