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To receive an update from Superintendent Rhona Hunt and Chief Inspector Karl Curran.


A/Inspector Eren Emin went through the quarterly edition of the Core Script looking at Partnership and Community Policing in Enfield during July, August and September 2022. The following was highlighted:


·         The information provided a flavour of the role profiles of the teams, some of the work the teams had been delivering and the key objectives for the coming year.

·         Updates and information were provided on the following:

o   Community Tensions

o   BCU Performance Overview

o   Key Tasking’s

o   Portfolio Overview

o   Planned Operations

o   CAPE Meetings

o   Good News Stories

·         Full details for each of the above can be found in the agenda pack report.

·         An update was provided on the Portfolio Overview which included information on the following:

o   Safer Neighbourhoods

o   Safer Estates

o   Edmonton Green Town Centre Team

o   Operation Boxster

o   Project Taipan

o   Partnership & Prevention Hub

·         Safer Neighbourhoods in Enfield is broken down into 25 wards, consisting of one Inspector, seven Sergeants, 52 PC’s and 21 PCSO’s. The officers work shifts between the hours of 0700-2300 7 days a week.

·         Officers attend three monthly ward panel meetings to discuss current crime trends and listen to concerns of the local community and agree policing priorities for the coming months.

·         There are daily high visibility patrols in hotspot areas to tackle issues such as burglary, robbery and violence against women and girls as well as conducting reassurance patrols after events that are likely to have an impact on the local communities.

·         Another large part of Neighbourhood policing is dealing with long term issues within communities with a view to ‘designing out crime’ to stop it happening in the first place.

·         Information and discussions took place on the role profiles of the Safer Neighbourhood, Safer Estates and Safer Schools Teams, their key achievements in July, August and September 2022 and their Key Objectives for 2022.

·         Further information was also provided on the various police operations currently taking place which included the key objectives for 2022 as well as key achievements.

·         Information was provided on the Partnership & Prevention Hub, its role profile, key areas of responsibility and Key Objectives for 2022. 

·         Discussions took place regarding planned operations which included Safeguarding Operations, Robbery/Violence Operations and Cross Cutting Operations. Various good news stories were also shared with the Board.

·         Additional information was provided detailing BCU performance overview data for July 2022.

·         Discussions took place around this data and explanations were provided to the questions raised regarding the various figures.

·         Concerns were raised regarding the dramatic rise in ‘purse dipping’ in Enfield Town Centre as well as on public transport. A/Inspector Emin confirmed that operations were planned to address this issue, which included increased police visibility and covert operations. The transport police were on board to help tackle the increase in this crime type on public transport. Work was taking place to raise public awareness, train stations were being leafleted, lots of purse bells had been ordered and these would be cascaded to community engagement hubs via the Ward Sergeants.

·         Cllr Supple raised concerns regarding the safety of the bus stop located opposite Genotin Terrace (close to Enfield Train Station). The lighting at this location was very poor and it was surrounded by bushes and trees. A/Inspector Emin made a note of this to investigate further. He also reminded SNB members that should any of their CAPES be aware of any potentially unsafe spots/danger areas within their Wards they should feed this back to their Ward Sergeants who could then liaise with the Council to look at lighting/ overgrown trees etc.  

·         Cllr Supple advised that the Love Your Doorstep Enfield Community School Patrol was back in Enfield Town after a short absence. It was agreed that this is a positive project which makes a difference in regard to reducing crime rates and children and young people feeling safe. However, for a scheme like this to work well, support is needed not only from parents and volunteers, but also from local schools and the police.

·         Discussions took place regarding E-Scooters and clarification was provided on the powers the police hold to deal with these.

·         Concerns were raised regarding the ongoing issue of speeding cars and dangerous driving on the A10 which has now plagued local residents for some considerable time, and they continue to demand action to tackle this menace. A/Inspector Emin advised that a robust strategy had been developed to tackle illegal car meets and vehicles observed committing offences were stopped and processed under Section 59 of the Police Reform Act. Officers have been able to issue fines in the first instance and seize vehicles if caught again within a twelve-month period.

·         Cllr Supple advised that Bush Hill Park Councillor James Hockney has launched a petition calling for action for more cameras to be installed along the A10 from the Southbury Road junction to the Great Cambridge Roundabout following a resurgence of the problem. SNB members asked that a link to this petition be forwarded to them so that they could share it with their CAPES.

Action: Cllr Emma Supple/ Stacey Gilmour, SNB Secretary.

The Chair thanked A/Inspector Eren Emin for his interesting and informative update.

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