Agenda item


Tim Fellows (Chair) to present.


Feedback also to be provided:

·         Stop & Search monitoring group

·         CCTV Monitoring group

·         How CAPE’s are functioning


The Chair advised that this had been a period with a lot of activity happening across our Borough, with some very positive results, evidenced in the crime statistics.


The MET Turn Around Plan has now been published, the final version took into account feedback from the first draft and the Baroness Casey Report into the MET. That report pulled no punches for the MET.


Of particular interest to us, the Turn Around Plan does contain a greater emphasis on Neighbourhood Policing and the importance of visible policing with stronger neighbourhood teams.


The roll out of the plan in Enfield and the practical, visible signs of its implementation is something SNB will be closing following.


In the last quarter, the Chair attended:


·         Hate Crime Management Panel X 2

·         Safer & Stronger Communities Board

·         Whitewebbs CAPE

·         Brimsdown CAPE

·         Crime Scrutiny Panel

·         LCP2 meeting


It was confirmed that during this period the NA Faith Officer has left and the position will hopefully be filled soon.


Stop & Search Monitoring Group

The group are back to having meetings and are in the process of getting new members, with some recommendations having already been received in. Chief Inspector Karl Curran suggested that attendees need to be refreshed as there are number of cross over meetings taking place. Young people need to be engaged and he suggested visiting youth centres and a lot of work is needed to get young people to come through the ranks, perhaps something that the Young Mayor can be involved in.




CCTV Monitoring Group

Janet Marshall (SNB Vice Chair) advised that independent monitoring is taking place and is currently being updated.



How CAPE’s are functioning

Chief Inspector Karl Curran advised that the value of the current CAPE’s contact needs enhancing.  Police Officers can easily change their shift patterns to attend CAPE meetings when booked and regular dates are needed in the diaries. An invitation is sent to all chairs and councillors, who are key members and their input is significantly needed. If councillors do not attend, then the group offices need to be notified. Chief Inspector Karl Curran said he had instructed a set of guidelines be created to assist in CAPE meetings. The Chair advised that it is all currently in the Handbook but the document is too long and an abridged version suitable for Enfield be created.  A What’s App group was recommended but not everyone will be willing to join the group.



Update from Chief Inspector Karl Curran:

Chief Inspector Karl Curran provided an update on key changes in the BCU in respect of Enfield allocation of police. Within the new system it is envisaged that 14 new inspectors will be available as the workload of the current neighbourhood inspectors is too high. New map sighting allocations of officers per ward is not available yet.


There will be 700+ new PCSO’s introduced over the next three years. Every BCU (such as Enfield, Haringey etc) will gain a group of new PCSO’s, Sgts and Inspectors, Enfield being the smallest BCU in the Met.  PCSO’s will go out more than Police Constables as they are not required to complete as much paperwork and spend more time on the ground, giving the community more confidence, although they do not have the power to arrest, but can radio for help and there is always someone there to make decisions, if necessary. It was agreed that the PCSO’s are more approachable and have a better relationship with the public. They tend to be older than Police Officers and they tend to stay in the jobs longer than Officers, but chances of promotion for them is slim, compared to Officers, who tend to get promoted and leave, as part of usual progression. Retired Police Officers often become PCSO’s.


In future more Sgts will be allocated in Enfield to provide leadership to the PCSO’s, dependent on funding.


A new Faith Officer has been recruited, Daniel Modeste, working closely with the faith leaders and be corporate across the Met.  A new LGBT Liaison Officer has also been identified, to be managed by Chief Inspector Karl Curran.