Committee details

Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education

Purpose of committee

            The purpose and function of SACRE is to:


(i)         Advise the Local Education Authority on such matters connected with religious education in accordance with an agreed syllabus as the authority may refer to the SACRE or as the SACRE may see fit; e.g. methods of teaching, choice of materials, provision of training for teaching staff.


(ii)        Advise the Authority on all matters connected with religious worship in relation to multi-faith acts of worship.


(iii)       Advise and require the Authority to review any agreed syllabus on religious education.

(iv)            Consider complaints concerning RE and the act of collective worship.


(v)            Publish an annual report which will:-


1)            specify those areas on which the SACRE has given advice to the Authority;


2)            describe the nature of the advice given; and


3)         give reasons why the SACRE felt the need to offer advice to the authority on any matter.


(vi)            Determine the criteria by which requests from Headteachers to withdraw from or modify the requirements of the Act regarding collective worship would be considered.


Contact information

Support officer: Pauline Swain. Email: