Committee details

Health and Wellbeing Board

Purpose of committee

The Enfield Health and Wellbeing Board was set up under the Health and Social care Act 2012 to create a forum where the key leaders from the health and care system can work together to improve the health and wellbeing of the local population and reduce health inequalities.


Health and wellbeing boards are a key part of the Government’s broader plans to modernise the NHS and to:


  • Ensure stronger democratic legitimacy and involvement
  • Strengthen working relationships between health and social care, and,
  • Encourage the development of more integrated commissioning of services.


The Board aims to help give communities a greater say in understanding and addressing their local health and social care needs.


For more information on Health and Wellbeing in Enfield click here.



Contact information

Support officer: Jane Creer.

Phone: 020 8132 1211