Wednesday, 10th July, 2019 7.00 pm

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The Mayor's Chaplain to give a Blessing


Mayor's Announcements in Connection with the Ordinary Business of the Council


Minutes of the Meeting held on 8 May 2019 pdf icon PDF 158 KB

To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 8 May 2019 as a correct record. 




Declaration of Interests

Members of the Council are invited to identify any disclosable pecuniary, other pecuniary or non pecuniary interests relating to items on the agenda. 


Opposition Business - Street Racing on the A10 Great Cambridge Road pdf icon PDF 180 KB

An issues paper prepared by the Opposition Group is attached for Council to consider. 


The Council rules relating to Opposition Business are also attached for information.

Additional documents:


Response to Climate Change Emergency pdf icon PDF 211 KB

To receive a report from the Executive Director of Place on a response to the Climate Change Emergency.                                                   (Report No: 57) 

Key Decision Reference:  KD4950/U207


This report is due to be considered at a Cabinet meeting to be held on 8 July 2019.  The Cabinet decision will be reported to Council at the meeting. 


Cabinet is being asked to recommend that Council makes a commitment to make Enfield carbon neutral by 2030. 


LED Conversion Project 2019 for Highway Street Lighting pdf icon PDF 213 KB

To receive a report from the Executive Director Place on the LED Conversion Project for Highway Street Lighting.                    (Report No: 7) 

Key Decision Reference:  KD: KD4863


Council is asked to approve additional funding for the Council’s Capital Programme to cover the cost of the project.


This report was considered and agreed at Cabinet on 12 June 2019.  The recommendations in the report have since been called in and the call in is due to be considered at a meeting of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee on 9 July 2019.  The outcome of the call-in meeting will be reported to Council at the meeting. 


Councillor Conduct Committee Annual Report 2018/19 pdf icon PDF 288 KB

To receive the annual report from the London Borough of Enfield’s Councillor Conduct Committee for 2018/19.  The report sets out the key issues dealt with by the committee during the past year. 


This report is due to be considered at the next meeting of the Councillor Conduct Committee on 3 July 2019 which is after the agenda has been published.  Any changes agreed will be reported to Council at the meeting. 


Independent Person - Extension of Term of Appointment pdf icon PDF 140 KB

To receive a report from the Director of Law and Governance on a proposal to extend the term of appointment of Christine Chamberlain as Independent Person for two years.  (Report No:  55)


This report is due to be considered at the next meeting of the Councillor Conduct Committee on 3 July 2019 which is after the agenda has been published.  The Councillor Conduct Committee recommendation will be reported to Council at the meeting. 


Membership of Audit and Risk Management Committee pdf icon PDF 84 KB

To receive a report from the Director of Law and Governance on changes to the Audit and Risk Management Committee Membership.    (Report No: 59)


Council Housing Board - Changes to Terms of Reference pdf icon PDF 181 KB

To receive a report from the Director of Housing and Regeneration on changes proposed for the Council Housing Board.  (Report No: 61)


Council is asked to approve the changes including the terms of reference. 

Additional documents:


Urgency Report pdf icon PDF 149 KB

Council is asked to note the details provided of three decisions recently taken under the Council’s urgency procedure relating to the waiver of the Council’s key decision and call in processes along with the reasons for urgency. 


The decisions were made in accordance with the urgency procedures set out in Paragraph 17.3 of Chapter 4.2 (Scrutiny) and Paragraph 16 of Chapter 4.6 (Access to Information) of the Council’s Constitution.



Councillor Question Time

14.1    Urgent Questions (Part 4 - Paragraph 9.2.(b) of Constitution – Page 4-9)


With the permission of the Mayor, questions on urgent issues may be tabled with the proviso of a subsequent written response if the issue requires research or is considered by the Mayor to be minor.


Please note that the Mayor will decide whether a question is urgent or not.


The definition of an urgent question is “An issue which could not reasonably have been foreseen or anticipated prior to the deadline for the submission of questions and which needs to be considered before the next meeting of the Council.”


Submission of urgent questions to Council requires the Member when submitting the question to specify why the issue could not have been reasonably foreseen prior to the deadline and why it has to be considered before the next meeting. 


14.2    Councillors’ Questions (Part 4 – Paragraph 9.2(a) of Constitution – Page 4 - 8)


The list of questions and their written responses will be published on Tuesday 9 July 2019. 


Motions pdf icon PDF 187 KB

Motion 1 in the name of Councillor Achilleas Georgiou


“This Council believes: 


  1. Children in Enfield receive a good education in good schools.
  2. Schools, and the education of children, are best served when they are part of the local authority working collectively and collaboratively.
  3. Support should be given to schools to remain with the local authority, as opposed to seeking academy status.
  4. The government should reinstate the education services grant to local authorities to ensure children get the education they deserve.”


Motion 2 in the name of Councillor Vicki Pite


More than 92 councils, including the London Assembly, have now made Climate Emergency Declarations since the IPCC “Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5O C”, published in October 2018, described the enormous harm that a 2°C rise in world temperature is likely to cause, urging that governments and authorities world-wide seek to limit global warming to 1.5O C. Two thirds have set a target date for net zero carbon of 2030. Others have set no target date or have aimed for 2050.


On May 1st Parliament approved an opposition motion to declare an environment and climate emergency; a citizens’ assembly on climate change is to meet this autumn and the Prime Minister used one of her last major acts to set 2050 as the date for Britain to end greenhouse gas emissions, making it the first major economy in the world to do so.


Research from Greener UK and the Climate Coalition revealed that two thirds of Britons want faster action to tackle climate change.


Extinction Rebellion Enfield Enfield has petitioned the Council to declare a climate emergency immediately and come up with concrete plans to get Enfield to net zero carbon emissions by 2025.


The London Assembly, in a unanimous vote, called on the Mayor of London to put an emergency plan in place and declare a Climate Emergency in London.

Reflecting our ambitions for Enfield, our children’s future and the demand for action not words, Enfield council notes:


  • the IPCC’s Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5°C and endorses the proposal that limiting Global Warming to 1.5°C may still be possible with ambitious action from national and sub-national authorities and others
  • the Mayor of London’s climate change mitigation and adaptation responsibilities and recognises his aims to make London a zero-carbon city by 2050 but welcomes, and supports, further ambitious steps.
  • the declarations by other councils in the UK and around the world that commit resources to tackling the ‘Climate Emergency’
  • that strong policies to cut emissions have associated health, wellbeing and economic benefits

And therefore Enfield Council agrees:


  • to declare a climate emergency that requires urgent action
  • that all strategic and policy decisions, budgets, and approaches to planning decisions are in line with a shift to carbon neutrality by 2030
  • that cabinet and officers determine what more can be done locally to cut emissions, and publish a plan setting out these actions for debate and approval by 2020
  • that the Pensions Policy & Investment Committee should  ...  view the full agenda text for item 15.


Committee Membership

To confirm changes to Committee memberships:


·         Audit and Risk Management Committee:  Councillor Tim Leaver to be appointed Vice Chair of the committee. 

·         Pension Policy and Investment Committee – to confirm the appointment of Councillor Tim Leaver as Chair and Councillor Claire Stewart as Vice Chair

·         Conservation Advisory Group – Councillor Ayfer Orhan to replace Councillor Charith Gunawardena. 


Any further changes received once the agenda has been published with be tabled on the Council update sheet at the meeting. 


Nominations to Outside Bodies

To confirm any changes to the nominations on outside bodies: 


No changes notified at present. 


Members are asked to note that any changes notified after the agenda has been published will be reported to Council on the update sheet to be tabled at the meeting. 


Date of Next Meeting

To note the date agreed for the next Council meeting:


·         Wednesday 18 September 2019 at 7pm at Enfield Civic Centre. 


Update Sheet pdf icon PDF 137 KB

Update Sheet attached.