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Purpose of committee

The Full Council Meeting is the central political focus of the whole Council and the co-ordinating body for all elements of the political structure. It sets the overall corporate direction, policy framework and financial limits within which all operations and policies are carried out.


The Council is made up of all 63 elected councillors and normally meets 6 times a year. 




·        Makes all the major decisions on Council policies, strategies, services and budgets, including setting the level of the Council Tax.  

·        Holds debates on key issues affecting the Borough.

·        Gives councillors the opportunity to ask written questions of Cabinet Members and others in advance.  (Details of the questions and responses are included in the Council agenda papers). 

·        Enables councillors to submit motions for approval on matters relating to the Council’s powers or duties or an issue that affects the Borough as a whole.

·        Four times a year, allows the opposition to debate issues of their choosing.

·        Appoints the Mayor, Leader of the Council, members, chairs and vice chairs of Committees and agrees the memberships of outside bodies at its annual meeting. 

·        Approves the Constitution and any changes to it.

·        Confers Freedom of the Borough Status and Civic Awards. 

·        Deals with matters relating to proposed legislation, byelaws and elections. 


All meetings are open to the public.  If you would like details of the items discussed at a particular meeting please click on the agenda link.


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Contact information

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