Agenda and minutes

Councillor Conduct Committee - Wednesday, 2nd December, 2015 6.30 pm

Venue: Room 3, Civic Centre, Silver Street, Enfield, EN1 3XA. View directions

Contact: Penelope Williams Email: 020 8379 4098 

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Welcome and Apologies


The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting.  Apologies for lateness were received from Councillor McGowan and Christine Chamberlain. 


Substitute Members

Any member who wishes to appoint a substitute for this meeting must notify the Monitoring Officer in writing, before the beginning of the meeting, of the intended substitution.


Any notifications received will be reported at the meeting.


There were no substitute members. 


Declaration of Interests

Members are asked to declare any disclosable pecuniary, other pecuniary or non-pecuniary interests relating to items on the agenda. 


There were no declarations of interest. 


Change in the Order of the Agenda


Members agreed to change the order in which items were considered on the agenda.  Item 6 was taken before item 4.  The minutes reflect the order of the original agenda. 


Dispensation Form pdf icon PDF 164 KB

To consider a new form for recording dispensations. 


The Committee received a draft form for the recording of dispensations. 




1.               The adoption of the form for recording dispensations would formalise the process and enable a more uniformed approach to be taken.


2.               Dispensations are reported to the committee annually.


3.               Four years is the maximum period for a dispensation to remain in place.


4.               Space for a reference number would be included to the form.


5.               The form will be added to the Members Portal. 


AGREED that the form with the above amendment would be used for recording all dispensations in future. 


Members Information Security Policy pdf icon PDF 349 KB

To review the draft updated Members Information Security Policy. 


This item was postponed for discussion at the next meeting. 


Planning and Licensing Codes of Conduct pdf icon PDF 77 KB

To receive reports updating members on the proposed changes to the licensing and planning codes of conduct.


Planning code “to follow”. 

Additional documents:


The Committee received reports on the Planning and Licensing Codes of Conduct. 




1.               Ellie Green, Principal Trading Standards Officer, reported that the Licensing and Gambling Code of Conduct had been revised, looking at the Councillors’ main Code of Conduct and Planning Code, removing duplication, and using Plain English. 


2.               Andy Higham, Head of Development Management, reported that he had streamlined the Planning Code of Practice in a similar way. 


3.               The possibility of merging both codes had been considered but it had been decided that it would be better to keep them separate to avoid confusion about the different roles.  Although there were some similarities most of the information within each code was only relevant to that area.   


4.               All new members of the planning committee receive training when taking up their new positions.  Other regular sessions were held throughout the year.  A record was kept.  Information about the training available including a yearly schedule could be included within the Planning Code of Practice.  Sessions open to all members could also be held. 


5.               Further refinements would be made taking account of the comments made at the meeting.  The revised codes would be circulated to committee members for further comment before being sent for consideration at the Member and Democratic Services Group.   


AGREED to note the proposed changes to the Planning Code of Practice and the Licensing Code of Conduct. 



Review of Member Expenses pdf icon PDF 369 KB

To receive a report reviewing councillor expenses. 


The Committee received a report on members expenses outlining the expenses paid to members in pursuance of their duties and provides some comparator information. 




1.               The information on expenses listed in the appendices covers the financial, rather than the municipal year.


2.               Enfield has a similar level of expenses to comparator authorities.


3.               Expenses information in the report is already in the public domain. 


4.               More details were requested on Councillor Goddard’s 2013/14 expenses.


AGREED to note the information in the report. 


Update on Councillor Complaints

To receive an update from the Monitoring Officer on any complaints received and currently being considered. 


Asmat Hussain, Monitoring Officer updated the committee on the complaints currently under consideration. 


·       Two complaints had been received which had both been discussed with Christine Chamberlain, Independent Person.  


·       Both had been accepted as valid complaints and were being referred for independent investigation. 


·       If a committee hearing is required to consider the complaints, a date will be found towards the end of January 2016. 


Minutes of meeting held on 17 September 2015 pdf icon PDF 98 KB

To receive and agree the minutes of the meeting held on 17 September 2015. 


The minutes of the meeting were received and agreed as a correct record. 


Work Programme 2015/16 pdf icon PDF 131 KB

To note the work programme for 2015/16 and to agree any changes. 


The Committee received and noted the updated work programme. 


Dates of Future Meetings

To note the dates agreed for future meetings: 


·       Thursday 24 March 2015


The Committee noted the date agreed for the next meeting:


·       Thursday 24 March 2015.