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Health and Wellbeing Board - Thursday, 24th June, 2021 6.30 pm

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Welcome and Apologies

Welcome from the Chair and introductions


Councillor Nesil Caliskan, Chair, welcomed everyone to the virtual meeting.


There were no apologies for absence.


Declaration of Interests

Members are asked to declare any pecuniary, other pecuniary or non-pecuniary interests relating to items on the agenda. 


There were no declarations of interest in respect of any items on the agenda.


Covid-19 in Enfield Update pdf icon PDF 684 KB

i.              Epidemiology and outlook – PH Intelligence Team. Gayan Perera, Darya Bordbar and Roseanna Kennedy-Smith


ii.            Care home status, visiting support, and vaccination status – Des O’Donoghue, Brokerage and Market Development Manager, LBE


iii.           Vaccination update – Dudu Sher Arami, Riyad Karim, Hetul Shah

Additional documents:


i.             Epidemiology and Outlook


RECEIVED the presentation, Enfield Covid-19 Dashboard, providing an update and analysis of Covid-19 related data in Enfield from LBE Public Health Intelligence.




1.    Introduction by Gayan Perera, LBE Public Health Intelligence Team, on the latest infection rates in Enfield. In the last week or so there had been a slight rise with an increase in the Delta variant in particular.

2.    Most recent information on deaths, hospitalisations, cases in schools, and vaccination numbers. Even though there had been good vaccination uptake there were challenges in some localities and age groups.


ii.            Care home status, visiting support, and vaccination status


RECEIVED the update presentation on care home vaccination status.




3.    Introduction by Doug Wilson, LBE Health, Housing & Adult Social Care, of numbers of care home residents and staff vaccinated.

4.    Work was being done to encourage care home staff to take up the offer of vaccinations.

5.    There had been no Covid related deaths in care homes since January this year.


iii.          Vaccination Update


RECEIVED a Covid vaccination verbal update presented by Dudu Sher-Arami, Consultant in Public Health, Dr Hetul Shah, GP and Riyad Karim, NCL CCG.




6.    The majority of work in communications and engagement was with specific communities in the East of the borough to bring up vaccination rates.

7.    There had been sustained collaboration working between a wide group of stakeholders and there were targeted plans in place leading up to 19 July, with a community centred approach.




8.    The remarks of Bindi Nagra, LBE Director of Adult Social Care, responded to by Dr Hetul Shah. It was advised there was not a major issue around hospital discharge and unvaccinated patients. All vaccination sites had a robust patient recall system, and the gap between first and second vaccinations was shorter, and people called back sooner. Planning had also started for Winter in respect of the flu vaccination campaign and Covid vaccination boosters.

9.    In response to Councillor Cazimoglu’s queries, it was advised that there was plenty of vaccine and there had never been an issue with supply shortages or capacity in Enfield. For older age groups there had been the offer of vaccination for longer and it was getting more difficult to persuade remaining individuals. Communications work aimed to drive up demand. Vaccination sites were now more walk-in based than appointment based. Pop-up sites worked well. There was also now a greater choice of vaccine available to patients. There was availability of GPs on site to speak with people and allay their concerns. The Chair noted the importance of engaging with communities who were disproportionately affected by Covid.

10. It was confirmed that vaccination rates in care home staff were edging up. Dr Chitra Sankaran advised she was in touch with Council colleagues and had volunteered for one to one chats with care home staff.

11. Board members welcomed the partnership efforts in Enfield.


Enfield Food Action Plan pdf icon PDF 929 KB

Ailbhe Bhreathnach, Public Health Specialist – Health In All Policies, Public Health Department, London Borough of Enfield.

Additional documents:


RECEIVED the draft Enfield Food Action Plan and presentation introduced by Alison Asamoah, Community Food Coordinator, Kerry Coe, North Enfield Foodbank Manager, and Dionne John, Grassroots Project Manager.




1.    The Chair noted the context: recognition that health inequality was rooted in unequal access to sustainable food, and in the light of the 2020 Enfield Poverty and Inequality Commission Report.

2.    The Survey of Londoners (2019) found that 20% of adults in Enfield had low or very low food security, and the number was likely to be higher now.

3.    Data and trends were provided from North Enfield Foodbank, which had joined with the Food Alliance to work with others for provision.

4.    The main reason people gave for accessing emergency food support was low income. There were referrals from every ward, but higher numbers from Edmonton and the East of the borough.

5.    The Food Action Plan was a recommendation from the Enfield Poverty and Inequality Commission Report, and had been developed through interviews, focus groups, surveys and workshops. The Plan centred on three tiers of action: Prevention, Early Help, and Crisis and Emergency Food Provision. The main goal and priorities were set out.

6.    Financial support advice was also important, and there was a Cash First Approach, with a specially designed advice leaflet.

7.    Initiatives to break the cycle of dependence on foodbanks were set out, including food pantries.

8.    The Chair asked that the Board be kept updated on progress, and that she would like to visit one of the food pantries.


Enfield Integrated Care Partnership Status Update pdf icon PDF 127 KB

Stephen Wells, Senior Programme Manager, Enfield Integrated Care Partnership, NHS North Central London CCG.

Additional documents:


RECEIVED the presentation, Enfield Integrated Care Partnership Progress Update.




1.    Introduction by Stephen Wells, Senior Programme Manager, NCL CCG.

2.    The slides provided full information. The update to the meeting focused on the work this year and the progress of the last six months, highlighting the reports at year end 2020/21 from the three work streams: Inequalities, Mental Health, and Screening and Immunisation.

3.    There had been some excellent collaborative and team working with all partners, which would be taken forward for the future.

4.    Attention was drawn to the NCL CCG Inequalities Fund, created to address disparities between the most deprived and least deprived communities. There were opportunities to bid for a proportion of the initial £2.5m and there would be more money for the next financial year as well.

5.    Integrated care systems development and the roadmap to transition was set out.




6.    Bindi Nagra confirmed the excellent partnership working, and noted the fourth work stream about to be set up in respect of access to services and Covid recovery. He also looked forward to future devolution of budgets and decision making.

7.    Councillor Cazimoglu welcomed review of the impact on accessibility to GP services in particular, and noted current A&E pressures.

8.    Stephen Wells confirmed that the Access to Services and Recovery Group would be receiving a presentation from Healthwatch, and hoped to have its first meeting in July. It was understood where challenges lay, and the importance of communication to residents around bringing services back to normal.

9.    The Chair would welcome an update on progress to the next Board meeting.


The Health and Wellbeing Board:

Noted progress made by Enfield Integrated Care Partnership in 2020/21 including the Initiative Working Groups (Mental Health, Inequalities, and Screening & Immunisation)

Noted the planning for transition to the NCL Integrated Care System, including the background material provided by DAC Beachcroft LLP.


CCG Review of Review of Community and Mental Health Services pdf icon PDF 577 KB

Sarah Mansurali, Director of Strategic Commissioning at NCL CCG and Joanne Murfitt, Programme Director for NCL CCG Reviews of Community and Mental Health Services.


RECEIVED the Overview of the NCL Community Services and Mental Health Strategic Review presentation, introduced by Alexander Smith, Director of Transformation, Joanne Murfitt, Programme Director, and Sonia Amos, Communications Manager.




1.    The aim was to have a consistent and equitable core offer across North Central London.

2.    Work was at the design stage, with the baseline review being finalised. Half of the responses to the survey had come from Enfield residents.

3.    The core offer should be agreed around September 2021.




4.    The Chair welcomed the review, noting that residents experienced challenges getting mental health support, and she would like to see more focus on prevention. There was a need for consistency of pathways across the North Central London area. The review must also be supported by adequate funding, capacity, and resources.

5.    Tony Theodoulou highlighted services to children, and that support in schools and the voluntary sector should also be considered.

6.    Bindi Nagra also raised the review focus on acutely ill people, and not enough on the community.

7.    Confirmation that a wide range of views were being sought, from service user groups, carers, parents, and patients to make sure the patient voice was heard, and an invitation was extended to anyone who would like to be involved in the engagement.


Update from Royal Free Hospital and North Middlesex University Hospital

Richard Gourlay, Director of Strategic Development, North Middlesex University Hospital to provide a verbal update.


RECEIVED a verbal update from Richard Gourlay, Director of Strategic Development, North Middlesex University Hospital, that work was continuing on the governance arrangements, and that Dr Nnenna Osuji had been appointed Chief Executive at North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust and would be joining on 12 July 2021.


IN RESPONSE the Chair extended a welcome to the new Chief Executive into her role.


Enfield Annual Public Health Report 2021

Dudu Sher-Arami, Interim Director of Public Health, London Borough of Enfield and Roseanna Kennedy-Smith, Senior Public Health Intelligence Analyst, London Borough of Enfield.


The Annual Public Health Report may be viewed at this link 


Our APHR focuses on obesity which is a considerable problem within the borough, two-thirds or 67% of adults in Enfield are classified as overweight or obese compared to 56% in London and 62% in England (PHE, 2018/19).  The report describes the evidence around obesity in the borough, the impact, causes and initiatives we have in place to combat obesity in the borough and improve the overall health of our residents.


RECEIVED the introduction of the Enfield Annual Public Health Report by Dudu Sher-Arami, Interim Director of Public Health, and Roseanna Kennedy-Smith, Senior Public Health Intelligence Analyst, LB Enfield.




1.    This year’s report was now live and available online. Everyone was encouraged to take a look, and feedback was welcomed. The format was user friendly, interactive, and easily shareable.

2.    The report was first drafted before the pandemic, and was amended to reflect issues in respect of Covid and long term conditions, with a focus on obesity in the light of Covid.


IN RESPONSE the Chair thanked officers for all the work which had been done on the report and its updating. The report was welcomed, and links to the Council’s commitment to outdoor spaces and other strategies were noted.



To receive and agree the minutes of the meeting held on 18 March 2021.


AGREED the minutes of the meeting held on 18 March 2021.


Next Meeting Dates and Development Sessions

Proposed dates of the next meetings:


Thurs 7 October 2021

Thurs 2 December 2021

Thurs 17 March 2022


Development Sessions to commence at 4:30pm.

Formal Board meetings to commence at 6:30pm.

Unless otherwise advised.

Venues to be confirmed.


NOTED the next Board meeting was scheduled for Thursday 7 October 2021.