Agenda and minutes

Safer Neighbourhood Board - Wednesday, 13th January, 2021 6.30 pm

Venue: This will be a virtual meeting

Contact: Susan O'Connell 

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The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting.




Apologies have been received from Carole Shuttle and Irene Wilson. It was noted that there are a number of vacancies on CAPE Chairs. Tim Fellows to look at this with the police outside of this meeting.




Tim Fellows (Chair) to present.


Feedback also to be provided by:

·         Stop & Search monitoring group

·         CCTV Monitoring group


It has been a quieter period as Covid restrictions came and went and came back again!


I mentioned at our last meeting that EVA were hosting a training session on MS teams which I and several other CAPE Chairs attended. Following on from that training I contacted Chris and Erica regarding having a ward officer or sergeant in each ward that had the skills to facilitate MS Teams CAPE meetings. Discussions established that many CAPE meetings are taking place and Erica Crawshaw agreed to send out an email reminding all Sergeants to ensure that CAPE meetings are occurring in all wards.


Hate Crime Case Management Panel has struggled to cope with the 46.6% increase in reports, most of the increase is racist and religious with a 10% increase in homophobic and transphobic reports.


On 3rd November Central LGBT IAG held an open meeting on Hate Crime, this was very informative and well attended with reps from across London.


On 26th November I attended an LCP² zoom meeting with Commander Cressida Dick. This was predominantly about Black Lives Matter but included all protected characteristics and other aspects of policing in London in the discussion.


Safer & Stronger Community Board meet virtually in January, I attend to represent the Safer Neighbourhood Board.


I have been invited to join the North Area Violence Reduction Group, unfortunately I missed the first meeting I was invited to as it clashed with the hate crime case management panel which I chair. I hope to attend future meetings.


The successful groups awarded grants by Enfield SNB received their money in December. Covid restrictions are causing challenges in delivery of the projects.


SNB AGM – Our next SNB meeting on 29th April will be our AGM, as you may recall we didn’t hold our AGM last year but rolled over all board positions in the mistaken hope that COVID-19 and its restrictions would go away soon! How naive were we?


Therefore, this year most of the posts are up for election, the exception being Janet (Vice-Chair) who has 1 year left on her term. To get us back on track these are the posts and terms that we need candidates for:

Chair – 3 years

Vice-Chair – 3 years

Secretary – 2 years

Treasurer – 1 year


Please consider if you would like to stand for election to any of these posts and let Sue know. If you would like to chat about what the post entails, feel free to contact Sue or myself. Sue confirmed that an email will be sent to Safer Neighbourhood Board members regarding these posts shortly.


Stop & Search Monitoring Group

Christine Whetstone advised that she is the new Chair of this group. There was a meeting last week that looked at the figures for September to November. This showed that Enfield is in line with other London boroughs both in terms of numbers and of positive outcomes which were 21%. The meetings are at present virtual so unable to look at  ...  view the full minutes text for item 3.



To agree the minutes of the meeting 21 October 2020.


The minutes of the meeting 21 October 2020 were agreed.



Examination of crime statistics received:

·         Current and planned police operations

·         Confidence and satisfaction

·         Target establishment on CAPE’s (including staff changes, vacant posts, anticipated timelines for replacement, etc)

·         Ward-based stats

·         Response Times, both I & S calls in Enfield and Haringey


The update was provided by Superintendent Chris Jones, Acting Chief Inspector Erica Crawshaw and Acting Inspector Scott Mason. The following was highlighted:


·         In the last 12 months there has been a radical review of Schools Officers, all bar one vacancy is now filled in Enfield Schools, every secondary school has a named police officer and there is a dedicated primary schools’ officer. There has been good feedback from the headteachers.

·         The role of School’s officers has changed due to Covid restrictions with only key worker children attending schools. There are still high visibility patrols with the rest of the Schools officers diverted to do safeguarding checks. This involves attending pupils’ houses with safeguarding leads for secondary schools where it is known there are vulnerabilities. An online program has also been put together to teach about safety online and a radicalisation awareness session. During lockdown young people have been spending more time online.

·         Youth Engagement officers are working well, there is a dedicated officer for Enfield and an acting sergeant who overseas cadets and youth engagement.

·         Youth Independent Advisory Group (YIAG) is very well attended and has gone from strength to strength with young people from the police cadets, the care system, the youth offending service and from colleges to express their views.

·         Police Cadets activities are detailed in page 14 of the agenda reports pack. The current membership is Juniors 50, Seniors 84 overall 134. Due to Covid have been unable to undertake outward bound camps in 2020. There is a dedicated officer for the cadets who has been doing weekly online sessions including keeping fit, good citizenship and law for example. The highest BAME representation in the Met police is through the cadets and it is hoped will be used as a career into the police.

·         Safer Schools activities undertaken are detailed on pages 12-14 in the agenda pack and youth engagement on pages 15-16 in the agenda pack.

·         The monthly crime count shows a fairly steady picture with a drop in April 2020 in line with the first national lockdown.

·         The I and S calls figures for North Area showed that there had not been much change year on year. I calls are emergency calls and S calls are soon calls to be reached within one hour. It was requested that in future if possible, these figures are provided for Enfield & Haringey separately.

·         There are a number of operations around drugs activity, this has now become a Safer and Stronger Board priority. The results from Operation Taipan are detailed on slide 23 of the agenda pack. This targets low to mid-level drug dealing.

·         Each ward has a member of Taipan attached as a drugs advisor.

·         The impact of Covid has reduced the supply of drugs which has led to drug dealers stealing from other criminals producing a lot more violence.

·         Further to a query on how the CAPE’s can assist with the detection of cannabis farms, it was advised that an indication is things like curtains closed, smell,  ...  view the full minutes text for item 5.




Following a request, it was raised by the London Community Police Partnership that one of the Executives could attend SNB across London. It was agreed they could attend future meetings in Enfield.


The Chair asked members whether there were any presentations that they would like to see coming to future board meetings.


Superintendent Jones advised that if any CAPE or virtual Ward Panels would like either himself, Erica Crawshaw, Chris Byrne or Scott to provide a more strategic update they would be happy to attend.




To note the date of future meeting

Thursday 29 April, 6:30pm


The date of the next meeting was noted.