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Environment & Climate Action Scrutiny Panel - Thursday, 9th December, 2021 7.00 pm

Venue: Council Chamber, Civic Centre, Silver Street, Enfield, EN1 3XA. View directions

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The Chair welcomed members to the meeting.


Apologies for absence were received from Cllr Ahmet Hasan.




Members of the Committee are invited to identify any disclosable pecuniary, other pecuniary or non-pecuniary interests relevant to the items on the agenda.


Cllr Lindsay Rawlings declared an interest in that she attended Bowes School as a child.




To agree the minutes of the previous meeting held on 12 October 2021.


Cllr Charith Gunawardena felt that important comments were missing from the minutes and had emailed his suggested additions.  Updates to the Meridian Water questions and answers had been circulated by Peter George.  ACTION: If members have concerns or require any additional clarification these should be sent via the Chair by the end of Tuesday 14th December.  Cllr Gunawardena would like the Meridian Water Environment Strategy to be brought to the January meeting.  ACTION: Panel members to review the document and respond to the Chair by Tuesday 14th December in order for it to be sent to Officers for an accuracy check.


Members agreed the proposed changes to the minutes.  ACTION: Suzanne Connolly to make amendments.




To receive the report from Richard Eason, Healthy Streets Programme Director.


This report will be circulated as a to follow document.


Richard Eason, Healthy Streets Programme Director, delivered a presentation highlighting the reasons behind the changes.  The main area was an increase in motor vehicle use in the borough as well as the increase in “C” and “unclassified” roads usage in the last ten years.


In response, members commented as follows:

1. Cllr Andrew Thorp voiced his disappointment with the report and the lateness of the submission.  Cllr Thorp stated he was a great supporter of School Streets and thanked officers for their work on this.  However, highlighted that the use of AMPR cameras rather than barriers could create safety risks.  He would be interested to know how many schools were using the cameras and what studies had taken place on the risk.


In response, Richard Eason stated that the use of the cameras made the scheme more sustainable as it was difficult to recruit volunteers for the barriers.  Barriers could be used alongside cameras and was at the school’s discretion.  It was noted that some volunteers and residents had received abuse.  Richard felt the use of cameras would improve safety compared to having nothing in place.  All schools go through safety processes – Cllr Thorp would like this to be shared, Richard would check and advise ACTION.  Cllr Thorp also asked about data on “near misses”. Richard advised this would be with the police.


2. Cllr Thorp asked where the money goes from fines issued.  Richard stated it goes towards the running of the schemes and if there is any surplus it goes back into transport systems in the borough and is ringfenced for transport services such as TFL concessionary fares.


3. Cllr Lindsay Rawlings would have welcomed the presentation in advance of the meeting.  It was queried about public transport however Richard had just focused on “active travel”.


There were some concerns over Sketty Road and the roadworks on Southbury Road and noted that the school wants to make changes.


4. Cllr Ayten Guzel was interested in the uptake in cycling and walking to school and asked if there were any grants or schemes to help families, for example with the purchase of bikes. 


Richard responded saying this had been looked at, including Dr Bike, second hand bike markets and “try before you buy”.  It was also hoped to introduce Cargo bikes.  Cllr Ian Barnes agreed this was very good and it would be looked into further.


5. Cllr Susan Erbil asked if the Enfield policy was in line with the Government’s policy.  Cllr Barnes confirmed it was and all were working towards the same goal.


6. Cllr Daniel Anderson emphasised his disappointment with the report which did not provide any updates and felt the Bowes LTN should have been included.  Cllr Anderson stated that over populated areas had caused the increase in cars and that some areas had poor public transport routes.  Richard stated that the policy was for residents to make transport choices and not default to a private car.


Cllr Anderson felt the solution had  ...  view the full minutes text for item 4.



To receive the report from Stephen Skinner, Head of Highway Services.


Stephen Skinner, Head of Highways Services, talked through the report.  In response the panel commented as follows:


1. Cllr Andrew Thorp thanked Stephen for the comprehensive and informative report and asked what constitutes “resurfacing of the whole road”.  Stephen stated it was one end to the other. This differs from “partial schemes” where shorter lengths, less than a whole road, were resurfaced in order to maximise value for money and public satisfaction. Occasionally, just the centre strip of a whole road might be resurfaced; this is a technique used in heavily parked roads where only the central strip is worn and requires treatment. It was felt there should be clarity around this to improve public perception.


2. Cllr Lindsay Rawlings echoed thanks for the report and shared that she had noticed few potholes on the road which was a good example to other councils.  Cllr Rawlings asked if recyclable materials had been looked into.  Stephen advised that Enfield were one of the first London boroughs to pilot some new techniques and there were research groups and testing facilities, however it was hard to carry out real-life tests.


3. Cllr Charith Gunawardena thanks Stephen for the report and asked about funds for highway tree planting.  He was particularly interested in this for each ward; Stephen would check if this was available and report back ACTION.  Cllr Barnes was hoping to increase trees in the east of the borough.


4. Cllr Mahmut Aksanoglu asked about Poynter Road and when it might be scheduled to be resurfaced. He had received a response from the Highways team in relation to the weather playing a major role in whether it might be resurfaced.  Stephen explained that the weather caused deterioration of road surfaces, particularly over the winter, which might affect their relative priorities for treatment, however would check on that road ACTION.  It was noted there was a long list of roads that were priority.



WORK PROGRAMME 2021/22 pdf icon PDF 73 KB

To note the Work Programme 2021/22.


The work programme was noted.


Members highlighted the importance of having enough time to properly discuss items and reports need to be sent on time.


Cllr Gunawardena had prepared a report in relation to Meridian Water and this would potentially be brought to the January meeting.


Cllr Gunawardena stated he would like the questions and answers to be included in the minutes.




To note the date of the next meeting:


Tuesday 8 February 2022


The date of the next meeting was noted.