Your Councillors by Party

The London Borough of Enfield is split into 25 areas called wards, each represented by two/three councillors. Enfield has a total of 63 councillors. Elections are held every four years. The most recent was held in May 2022 and there are currently 37 Labour members, 25 Conservative members and 1 independent member. This means that Enfield is a Labour controlled Council. The next Council elections will take place in May 2026.

The role of a ward councillor is to represent constituents, to provide a voice for the community, improving services, debating policy and influencing key decisions on local issues. They also work with other organisations, including the police, schools and health bodies, to help improve all local services and the immediate environment.

Councillors do not just look after the needs of those who elected them but have a duty to the whole community, a responsibility to champion the needs of all the constituents in their ward.

All councillors have to ensure they uphold high standards in the way they go about their duties.

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