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Health and Wellbeing Board - Thursday, 18th March, 2021 7.00 pm

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Welcome and Apologies

Welcome from the Chair and introductions


Councillor Nesil Caliskan, Chair, welcomed everyone to the virtual meeting.


Apologies for absence were received from Tony Theodoulou and Mark Tickner.


Members agreed to amend the order of the agenda to accommodate availability of officers. The minutes follow the agenda order.


Declaration of Interests

Members are asked to declare any pecuniary, other pecuniary or non-pecuniary interests relating to items on the agenda. 


There were no declarations of interest in respect of any items on the agenda.


Covid-19 in Enfield Update pdf icon PDF 529 KB

i.              Epidemiology and outlook – PH Intelligence Team. Gayan Perera, Darya Bordbar and Roseanna Kennedy-Smith

(Paper To Follow - Attached)


ii.            Care home status, visiting support, and vaccination status – Des O’Donoghue, Brokerage and Market Development Manager, LBE

(Paper To Follow - Attached)


iii.           Vaccination update – Dudu Sher Arami, Riyad Karim, Hetul Shah

(Paper To Follow - Attached)

Additional documents:


i.             Epidemiology and Outlook


RECEIVED the presentation, Enfield Covid-19 Dashboard, providing an update and analysis of Covid-19 related data in Enfield from LBE Public Health Intelligence.




1.    Introduction by Gayan Perera, LBE Public Health Intelligence Team, on the latest infection rates in Enfield which were now quite low compared with other parts of London. Trends since last summer were shown.

2.    Most recent information on deaths and vaccinations.

3.    Distribution of cases across the borough was shown.

4.    The high levels of lateral flow testing in school children had not caused a surge in positive cases.


ii.            Care Home Vaccinations Update


RECEIVED the update presentation on care home vaccination status.




5.    Introduction by Des O’Donoghue, LBE Service Manager, Community Services, of numbers of care home residents and staff vaccinated, and reasons given for non-vaccination.

6.    Work was being done to increase the take up of vaccinations.

7.    There had been no Covid related deaths in care homes since early January; the rate of infections had considerably lessened; and there had been excellent feedback in respect of visiting.


iii.          Vaccination Update


RECEIVED a Covid vaccination update presented by Dudu Sher-Arami, Consultant in Public Health, Roseanna Kennedy-Smith, Public Health Intelligence Team, Dr Hetul Shah, GP and Riyad Karim.




8.    Timescales and current provision in Enfield were set out. Accurate data was available as of 12 March.

9.    There had been excellent collaboration working.

10. The target remained to vaccinate all over-50s by April and all over-18s by the end of July.

11. The average uptake in the borough was ahead of NCL counterparts.

12. A breakdown was provided of areas of low uptake and by ethnicity; and of decliners.




13. The Chair raised the outreach work and events to encourage groups to accept the vaccination, including councillors coming together cross-party. It was confirmed this was having an impact, and that pop-up options such as Ponders End Mosque were proving popular.

14. In response to Councillor Cazimoglu’s queries, it was advised that adverse publicity had led to some refusals of the Astra Zeneca vaccine, but more recent announcements in respect of potential restrictions had then led to a surge of people seeking vaccinations. The priorities remained the groups set out by the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) and non-wastage of vaccines.

15. It was confirmed there was a large project in place in respect of delivering vaccination to housebound patients, and associated outreach work, and vaccination of paid and unpaid carers at the same time. Additionally, there was a mental health specialized vaccination hub.


Introduction of Andy Heeps pdf icon PDF 1 MB

Interim Chief Executive of North Middlesex University Hospital and an update on the status of NMUH.


The Chair welcomed Dr Andy Heeps, attending the Health & Wellbeing Board for the first time as Interim Chief Executive of North Middlesex University Hospital (NMUH). The Chair took the opportunity to formally thank outgoing Chief Executive Maria Kane for everything she had done for NMUH, her leadership at the hospital and her valued contributions. Councillor Alev Cazimoglu, Cabinet Member for Health & Social Care, also wished to put on record on behalf of the Health & Wellbeing Board and on behalf of Enfield residents thanks to Maria Kane for all that she had done for this deprived section of London. Maria was wished well in her new role.


RECEIVED a presentation of introduction from Dr Andy Heeps, including an update on changes in the wider NHS and at NMUH. The slide deck was available in the agenda pack.




1.  He had been Deputy Chief Executive since 2020 and Chief Operating Officer at NMUH since 2018.

2.  Interviews for a replacement NMUH CEO were scheduled for 16 April.

3.  Caroline Clarke of Royal Free London had also been asked to be the Accountable Officer for NMUH. The new CEO would be responsible to the NMUH Trust Board and Chair, and accountable to the Accountable Officer.

4.  A recap was provided of the NMUH response to the Covid pandemic, and tribute paid to the staff working during this unprecedented moment in their careers.

5.  The impact of Covid on waiting lists for care was set out. The vast majority of people were seen within the 18 week standard. Certain services were affected by longer waiting times.

6.  The formal partnership of the two trusts of NMUH and Royal Free London was not a merger. It built on years of working together, and the learning from Covid-19.

7.  The context of NHS hospital provision in the borough of Enfield and the wider area was set out. Working in partnership would create a single focus to meet Enfield’s health and wellbeing needs.

8.  Improvements and new NHS services for Enfield residents now and soon were set out, and investment in people and quality.

9.  The partnership was designed for Enfield and to give a stronger voice for Enfield in North London and across London health and care.




10.  The Chair’s remarks that the priorities were the right ones, but questions remained for the NHS, NMUH and Royal Free London, particularly around assets and the protection of those assets. There must be a governance structure that allowed for Enfield’s local voice to be heard and with the local authority having ‘a seat at the table’. In terms of funding, it should not be just about equity across the system but for our borough too. The three key questions were: (1) would all existing services at NMUH be maintained; (2) what would bed capacity look like in 12 months; and (3) if there were any staffing losses how many would be from NMUH?

11.  Andy Heeps confirmed that bed capacity would be identical  ...  view the full minutes text for item 4.


Update on Enfield Health Inequalities Activity Including Discussion of Poverty Reduction Plans pdf icon PDF 305 KB

Ruth Donaldson and Sarah D’Souza, Enfield CCG, and Dudu Sher-Arami, Shaun Rogan, Harriet Potemkin and Mark Tickner, LB Enfield.


i.              To include IPC inequalities board activity. (Paper To Follow – Attached)

ii.            Pandemic activity around rough sleepers.  (Papers Attached)

iii.           Enfield Poverty Reduction Strategy.

iv.           Review of Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy.

Additional documents:


i.             Update on Enfield Poverty and Inequality Commission


RECEIVED the update on progress. The slide deck was available in the meeting agenda pack.




1.    Presentation by Shaun Rogan, Head of Corporate Strategy, and Harriet Potemkin, Head of Strategy and Policy, LB Enfield.

2.    The independent commission had reported in January 2020, with 27 recommendations.

3.    There had been good progress in the first year and a plan of action for 2021/22.

4.    Those recommendations most relevant to the Board were highlighted.

5.    Recommendation 5 related to an NHS funded new integrated health and wellbeing centre. It was confirmed that the Masterplan for the redevelopment of North Middlesex University Hospital included potential for a new primary care centre on the site.

6.    Social prescribing programmes were being delivered in response to Recommendation 6.

7.    Recommendation 7 related to food poverty. Work with partners continued to provide isolated people and vulnerable families with food and essential items.

8.    There had been progress in addressing Recommendation 8 to prioritise the East of the borough for play streets and school streets.

9.    In the ‘Learning’ section, Recommendation 12 was highlighted, as it needed partnership working to ensure all Enfield’s children were ‘school-ready’. Similarly, in the ‘Earning’ section, Recommendation 24 related to extending access to benefits advice and support around debt and good credit.

10. In the budget, two sets of funding would launch in 2021/22 to help deliver the recommendations.




11. The Chair welcomed the assurances around the work being done, and noted that the Board would be kept updated. This was an opportunity to narrow the inequalities in the borough, and partnership working was crucial.

12. Bindi Nagra advised that his team would be leading on the Enfield Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy Fund, and this would be very helpful for voluntary sector projects. The primary care hub was also important and should be progressed in a timely fashion.


ii.            Update on Enfield Health Inequalities Plan


RECEIVED the ICP Inequalities Workstream : Progress Update.




13. The update by Dudu Sher-Arami, LBE Consultant in Public Health and Ruth Donaldson, Director of Communities, NCL CCG.

14. Since the last Board meeting, there had been agreement for a jointly funded programme of work including community participatory research, community champions and community chest. The procurement process would be complete by the end of the financial year.

15. An update on progress would be provided to the next Board meeting.


iii.          Review of Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy




16. The verbal update from Dudu Sher-Arami, LBE Consultant in Public Health.

17. The strategy’s themes were still relevant in the current climate and the post-Covid situation. Nevertheless it was felt there was a need to review the JHWS and to ensure a greater focus on inequality. Review proposals would be presented to the next Board meeting.


iv.          Homeless Health in North London / Rough Sleeping in Enfield


RECEIVED the update presented by Joanne Drew, Director of Housing and Regeneration, LB Enfield, Ruth Donaldson, and  ...  view the full minutes text for item 5.



To receive and agree the minutes of the meeting held on 3 December 2020.


AGREED the minutes of the meeting held on 3 December 2020.


Next Meeting Date and Development Session

Proposed date of next meeting:


Thursday 24 June 2021


Development Session to commence at 4:30pm.

Formal Board meeting to commence at 6:30pm.

Unless otherwise advised.

Venue to be confirmed.


NOTED the next Board meeting was scheduled for Thursday 24 June 2021.