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Crime Scrutiny Panel - Thursday, 27th September, 2018 7.30 pm

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The Chair welcomed all attendees to the meeting. An apology for absence was received from Councillor Claire Stewart.



Members of the Council are invited to identify any disclosable pecuniary, other pecuniary or non-pecuniary interests relevant to items on the agenda.



There were no declarations of interest.



To elect the Vice Chair of the Panel.


AGREED to appoint Councillor Mahtab Uddin as Vice Chair for the 2018/19 municipal year.



To receive a report from Paul Sutton, Assistant Director, Youth & Service Development


This report will be ‘To follow’


Additional documents:


RECEIVED a report from Graham Jimpson, Project Manager, Enfield Youth Development unit, on the Extra Summer Youth Diversionary Activities.




(i)            In June 2018 Enfield’s administration authorised £100,000 (of the £150,000 that was pledged in the 2018 Labour manifesto to help tackle youth violence) to be spent on a programme of summer youth activities. A proposed programme of summer activities was then drawn up and formally agreed on July 2017.

(ii)          The young people involved in the programme had expressed their thanks to the Panel for this wonderful opportunity which had delivered fantastic results.

(iii)         The Youth Development unit took the lead in planning and implementing the programme and it was centred on three aims:

·         To deliver a programme of positive activities designed to reinforce the progress that young people at risk of offending/gang activity/anti-social behaviour were making at school or within education;

·         To ensure those under the Youth Offending Unit (YOU) supervision had more opportunities during the summer to engage in positive activities that could augment the work they were doing with the YOU.

·         To demonstrate to the community (young people and adults) that Enfield Council is committed to ensuring more opportunities for young people to engage in positive activities and to reducing youth crime.

(iv)         A key aspect of the programme was to ensure that the most disadvantaged young people were referred to it. Recruitment to the proposed programme was therefore targeted at the YOU, the Schools Behaviour Support Team, the Pupil Referral Units (PRUs), SPOE, Gangs Partnership Group as well as through Detached Youth Work in the areas of highest need.

(v)          Programmes were then produced, and information advertised on the website and other methods e.g. a public meeting, were also used to ensure that the public were fully aware of the programme.

(vi)         Another key aspect of the Summer Programme was partnership work: whilst the programme was planned and implemented by Enfield’s internal YDU much of the programme was delivered by partners.

(vii)        The programme included activities such as Boxercise provided by Edmonton Eagles as well as other activities provided by partners such as VIPS, Oasis and Enfield Children & Young People’s Service (ECYPS).

(viii)       Other activities on offer included cookery, athletics, football, basketball, street dance, art, BBQs, picnics, music (instruments and production), bike project and various others. Details of the full activities on offer are included with the report.

(ix)         Graham went on to talk about the risk and challenges faced in delivering the programme. The funding was announced at very short notice therefore creating, advertising and implementing a programme involving partners was naturally challenging in itself but the task was still very manageable, and any disadvantages were far outweighed by the advantage of having such a sum to invest in summer activities for young people.

(x)          To ensure the programme went meetings were held every Monday to de-brief regarding the previous week’s activities, deploy staff where they were needed, to review and revise the programme being offered and to share intelligence regarding potential issues and  ...  view the full minutes text for item 745.



To receive a report from Andrea Clemons, Head of Community Safety.


NOTED that this item was covered under Item 5 on the agenda: SSCB Performance Management -Monitoring Update. A Burglary update was provided as part of this report.



To receive a report from Andrea Clemons, Head of Community Safety.


Andrea Clemons Head of Community Safety presented this report and highlighted the following:


i)             Andrea thanked the Committee for the opportunity to provide the performance update and reminded Members that it is framed to support Enfield’s Partnership Plan (4 years – 2017-2021).

ii)            The report analyses the five priorities identified in the borough of Enfield and discusses the performance compared to other London boroughs.

iii)           The measures reflect the priorities in our own Partnership Plan which are:

·         Reducing burglary and keeping people safe at home;

·         Tackling violent crime – in all its forms

·         Keeping young people safe and reducing their risks from crime;

·         Promoting cohesion and tackling hate crime;

·         Dealing with anti-social behaviour.

iv)           The report demonstrates progress in crime figures against the five bulleted priorities above.

v)            Total Notifiable Offences in Enfield have increased by 10.6% in the year ending August 2018. In London there has been a smaller increase of 3.1% in the same period.

vi)           Residential burglaries in Enfield have increased by 29.5% in the year ending August 2018

vii)          Serious Youth Violence has increased in the last year in Enfield by 2.1% and London has experienced a similar increase of 2% in the same period.

viii)        Although the rate of Serious Youth Violence victims is higher than this time last year, there has been a small reduction in Enfield month by month since April 2018.

ix)           Of the 32 London boroughs, Enfield is currently 3rd for Serious Youth Violence in the year ending August 2018, compared to 5th the previous year.

x)            Knife Crime in Enfield has increased by 19.4% in the year to August 2018 compared to the previous year. London has experienced a smaller increase in Knife Crime of 9.3%%.

xi)           Just under half of all Non-Domestic Knife Crime injury victims in the last year were under the age of 24, accounting for 49.4%. Gun Crime offences overall in Enfield have seen a decrease of 2.7% in the last year.

xii)          There were 2404 Residential Burglaries in Enfield in the year ending August 2018, compared to 1856 in the previous year, an increase of 29.5%. In London there was a smaller increase of 21.3% in Residential Burglaries.

xiii)        Although there is still a significant increase in Residential Burglaries compared to last year, there has been a continuous reduction in Residential Burglaries in Enfield between April 2018 and July 2018. However Residential Burglaries saw a sharp increase in August 2018, this patter was also mirrored in London.

xiv)        Enfield has the 6th highest rate of Residential Burglaries of the 32 London boroughs recording 18.3 residential burglaries per 1000 households. It was however noted at this point that Enfield has a considerably high number of house therefore the rate per 1000 household brings the figures to a much more improved level

xv)         Year three of MetTrace was rolled out in Enfield on the 14/06/2017 in various Wards across the borough. As of 03/09/2018 there have been 5,108 kits distributed since the start of year three  ...  view the full minutes text for item 747.



Andrea Clemons, Head of Community Safety to provide a verbal progress update.


Andrea Clemons Head of Community Safety presented an update and highlighted the following:



i)             The Mayor’s Office for Policing & Crime (MOPAC) has now published the new Police & Crime Plan 2017-2021 for London which sets out the priorities for the safety of London.

ii)            Enfield’s Partnership Plan will be recirculated to the Committee and Members were encouraged to read it and forward any questions or comments they have to Andrea.

Action: Andrea Clemons/Susan O’Connell

iii)           In terms of digging into the priorities it would seem that most of the crimes have something to do with illegal drugs, so the plan is to do some further investigating into this, e.g. the cost of local drug markets etc.

iv)           In terms of future priorities, the general sense at the moment is to revisit vehicle crime, for instance is the increase in moped thefts in order to commit other crimes?



To receive an update from Superintendent (Neighbourhoods) Nigel Brookes on police numbers in the borough.


RECEIVED an update from Superintendent (Neighbourhoods) Nigel Brookes on police numbers in the borough.




(i)            Enfield are now in the transition of becoming one unit (North Area Basic Crime Unit) with Haringey so this would be the last report of this type. Future reports to the committee will look very different and will be more complex and not Enfield specific.

(ii)          The figures in the report on page 21 of the agenda which detailed a more accurate picture of operational officers on the Borough, including abstractions, vacancies and acting up posts.

(iii)         The overall BWT target is 545 full time employees (minus 5 original SLT0.

(iv)         There are currently 490.54 police officers in post which leaves 54.46 vacancies.

(v)          Of these numbers 1 officer is officially on attachment and another 13 are currently at training school and street duties on the borough.

(vi)         The shortfall in Detectives across the borough. The MET are looking at more creative ways to attract and retain Detectives, one of which is the Direct Entry Scheme which is proving very positive.

(vii)        A shortfall in uniformed Sergeant posts, but this will hopefully be addressed by January 2019.

(viii)       To join the MET now you must have lived in London for three of the last six years and this residency requirement is set to continue.

(ix)         Lots of work is taking place to address the shortfall in Officers, for example engaging with the harder to reach communities. Another example is that visible tattoos will now be permitted as part of the recruitment criteria.

(x)          Further information was provided regarding the Basic Crime Unit and discussions took place as to how the transition to one unit would affect Enfield.

(xi)         Following the transition Police numbers will not reduce. It will also result in enhanced numbers of Officers in School and Youth engagement work

(xii)        Some very exciting possibilities with the transition to the BCU, coupled however with some risks and challenges.


The following comments/questions were raised:


Q.        What is the realistic time scale for the MET to be fully recruited?

A.        It will take a prolonged period for the MET to reach full strength, especially given the high turn-over rate of Officers.


Q.        How many PCSOs are there in the borough?

A.        One per Ward and these are managed centrally in terms of recruitment and training.


Q.        How many Specials do we currently have in the borough?

A.        I will check these figures and feedback at the next meeting. It should also be remembered that the working hours of our Specials vary greatly.

            We also have a fantastic Police Cadet Programme in Enfield.

            Action: Superintendent Nigel Brookes


Q.        Will Enfield Police Station stay where it is?

A.        Yes, it will and will also be refurbished.


Q.        What is being done to improve retention rates?

A.        One new scheme currently be offered is that Officers who have retired can come back but still retain some of their benefits


The Chair thanked Superintendent Brookes for his interesting update.  ...  view the full minutes text for item 749.



To agree the minutes of the meeting held on 22 March 2018.


AGREED the minutes of the meeting held on the 22 March 2018.


WORK PROGRAMME 2018/19 pdf icon PDF 215 KB

To note the Work Programme for 2018/19.


NOTED the Work Programme for 2018/19.



To note the dates of future meetings as follows:


Thursday 10 January 2019

Thursday 28 March 2019


NOTED the dates of future meetings as follows:


Thursday 10 January 2019

Thursday 28 March 2019